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AD Robles & Jon Harris

AD Robles and Jon Harris reach 10K subscribers

In the grand scheme of YouTube, ten thousand subscribers is not a lot. But in the Kingdom of God, such a platform can effect change within the church and without. I want to write this as a congratulations to the two of them who have built a platform contending for the faith against the principalities and powers. Our list of allies grows fewer every day it seems in this fight against the Social Justice Gospel. Recent events have made this abundantly clear in my own life. Both of these channels have effected the niche news that is this world, which demonstrates that a website doesn’t need the the highest quantity of readers, instead the most actively engaged readers, or viewers, in the case of YouTube.

The two of them have clearly shown the effectiveness of resisting the infiltration and subversion of the Gospel that is going on through YouTube videos. They also present Christianity in an honest way, so that nonbelievers know what we believe. In definite contrast to the Evangelical squishes out there, they demonstrate what is means to be a man of God. Biblical masculinity is embraced.

The Evangelical Dark Web YouTube channel seeks to emulate and learn from Jon Harris and AD Robles, and I wanted to write this as an encouragement for what they are doing.

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