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Is John Pavlovitz a false teacher?

Category 5

Verdict: John Pavlovitz is “progressive Christianity” and all that comes with it.



John Pavlovitz started off at as a Methodist and rose to being a pastor at a Raleigh megachurch. He did not last long at this megachurch. It has been said that he was youth pastor at North Raleigh Community Church, a staunchly apostate church, in 2017. However this church, does not have Pavlovitz featured on their website at all, so it is unlikely he is still working there. John Pavlovitz is best known for his blog, “Stuff That Need To Be Said” where he espouses his liberal theology. A detail worth mentioning about Pavlovitz’s background is that his brother is a homosexual. Currently, John Pavlovitz has much online clout among socialists.

First Contact

John Pavlovitz is a heretic I’ve confronted in the past, specifically how he tries to employ God in his pro-abortion leftist politics.

If you are unfamiliar, John Pavlovitz is a heretical pastor who delves in universalism and the ever so present “social justice gospel” heresy. To him, Islam worships the same God, homosexuality is not a sin, hell?, support for entitlement programs is a direct reflection of one’s compassion, and Christianity’s biggest enemy, in America, are those who are conservative theologically and politically. As a result, he’s the left’s shining religious star in their Resistance.

We will break down these claims of heresy later on.

As Christians, our identity is in Jesus Christ. It is not in Trump, for or against. John Pavlovitz has his identity in (opposing) Trump. But his opposition to Trump is not due to his faith but rather a desire to maintain popularity in spite of being ousted by churches. He was a heretic before Trump, seeing as with decades of pastoral experience, he has a wavering belief in hell nor does he believe in the accuracy and authority of the bible. It’s unfortunate, but unavoidable, for Trump to be a ladder for heretics to ascend to internet fame. The left calls him the “digital pastor of the resistance” which is a slight aimed at the definitive doctrines of faith. The fellowship of Christ allows for disagreement among nonessential, like politics. But there should be unity in Christ and in essential doctrines. Christians who are not conservative in their politics need to find a different pastor to champion, one who actually knows Christ. John Pavlovitz will only mislead you.

Wavering belief in hell

From the article Lately, I Hope That There’s a Hell


This article goes on to wish there to be a hell so that his theological and political enemies would find themselves in it.

Denial of Divine Authorship of Scripture

In his promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism, John Pavlovitz throws the credibility of the Bible out of the window, by denying the its God-breathed words.



He says it more explicitly here in 10 Things This Christian Doesn’t Believe About The Bible







According to John Pavlovitz, the Bible is not the Word of God. It offers no clarity on any topics, meaning he denies the idea of systematic theology. The Bible is not inerrant according to him, and we are incapable of reading the Bible without our own preconceived biases. He also believes that the Bible can be an idol which is something said by those who do not have a Scriptural basis for their beliefs.

The Holy Spirit allows us to hear God’s Word in a way that would come off as foolishness to the world. Thus the claims of John Pavlovitz about Scripture are claims in that would be made by someone who lacks the Holy Spirit inside of them.


It would be easy to go on and on in compiling evidence against John Pavlovitz, but its unlikely that any Christian is following him. John Pavlovitz is a Category 5 meaning that his followers are not misled Christians, they are fake Christians who live in sin. John Pavlovitz serves as the pinnacle example of Progressive Christianity. THe reason why we featured him is two-fold. One to identify the logical conclusion of the Social Justice Gospel. The second is so that you know how to interact with his followers: as non-Christians or fake Christians.


Updated 01/2020

Updated 07/2020 – This post was originally a page, but the page has been removed in favor of phrasing this evidence compilation as a question for better SEO. In addition, a background section has been added, to more align the format with other verdicts.


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    1. Awesome. There are definitely others who wrote about this low hanging fruit. And hopefully his Google search gets flooded with articles like these.

  1. First of all, great article telling the REAL truth. OMG, this John character is the epitome of what the Bible calls, “False Prophet”. The lies, lies, lies, and garbage coming out of John’s mouth is MEGA unbelievable. And MEGA are not initials for anything. Just MEGA, big, large, grand scale, etc. He is the typical extreme liberal scum that inhabits this earth and gives a bad name to actual human beings and for him “Christianity. He knows ABSOLUTLY NOTHING about the Bible or Jesus or the Father himself. He talks about not knowing if there really is a hell or not and that he hopes there is so we “real Christians” end up there. Sorry to tell him but if he doesn’t have a REAL conversion with Jesus, meaning believing in him, asking Him into his heart and getting the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, he will be one of the scum ending up there. He will find out first hand what hell is like. The Bible calls it the bottomless pit, so there is a CONSTANT fear of falling, FOR ALL OF ETERNITY. It talks about flames, meaning nobody on this earth has experienced what HOT really is no matter where you live, WITH NO WATER TO DRINK, FOR ALL OF ETERNITY. It talks about TORMENT, constantly for ALL OF ETERNITY, NO ENDING, period. If you lived to be 120 years old on this earth, that is NOTHING compared to eternity. I fear for John, he could end up like some other false prophets have or people that “knock” real prophets of God where one day he just drops dead and no Doctor can figure out why he died. The Bible says “touch not Mine anointed and do My prophets no harm”. The best thing we Christians can do for John is pray the first Chapter of Ephesions, around verse 17 and 18 where it asks for his “spiritual eyes to be opened” so he can see the real truth and escape hell. God desires that NO ONE goes to hell. Hell was created for the devil and all of the other fallen angels, NOT HUMANITY. But the devils job is to DECEIVE people which he has so profusley with John. I could go on and write a book here but I think I’ve said enough.

    1. y’all may prefer to live in the Dark Ages, but most of us don’t. Literalism is the true heresy.

  2. Thanks, Ray, for your very incisive article. When I first discovered John Pavlovitz I was shocked he identified himself as a “Christian pastor,” since he appeared to be the very antithesis of that.

    If you read Pavolitz’s comments on his Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ll immediately notice that he is engaged in non-stop vitriol and hatred against whatever or whoever he doesn’t agree with — especially Donald Trump. I could respect Pavlovitz if he’d at least encourage a free discussion of ideas, but he never allows that. Anyone who disagrees with him is either banned or blocked. I know this first-hand. Whenever I would try to politely offer a differing viewpoint to John or any of his followers, I’d get a flurry of angry, insulting and hateful replies. Within a couple of months, I was banned from Pavlovitz’s Facebook page three times, having to use different accounts.

    In my opinion, Pavlovitz’s motivation is not Christian service, but ego. He seems to be genuinely annoyed that he has only a fraction of Franklin Graham’s popularity. However, I can easily see how he has the minority far-Left, “progressive Christian” crowd eating out of his hand.

  3. You are un American to the max. We reject your Putinist-Trumpist newfascist BS&L (bullshit and lies) just as we reject Marxism-Leninism, or Naziism. You are against what the founders of this great nation expressly stood for: the rejection of dogma. You embrace unreason and reject rational thought. All of which is bad enough. But worse, you’re a hypocrite-you do not even embrace and practice what is commanded by the God whose name you invoke. Repent, you sinner!

  4. Good luck. The road before you will be rocky and the inevitable dissolution of your “faith” will be devastating but you will survive. God and Jesus and all the decent, sane principles will remain – you just won’t have to fight so hard to convince yourself that humane perspectives are the workings of the devil. Kindness, equality, inclusion, empathy and compassion are actually the point. Obsession with false prophets, Satan, sin and all those monsters coming to get you is an effective distraction from whatever it is you’re running from.
    You’ll be ok. Promise.

    1. Hilarious how these neo cons, who have nothing to do with the ascetic Jesus whose circle included your “undesirables” and socialists, rant about their own Christian identity which is very white and euro centric. Wisdom of the desert fathers and mothers it is not.

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