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I read White Fragility so you didn’t have to

It’s not unnecessary for the church in America to want to address the rising racial tensions. In fact, the church should be a reliable witness on social issues. However, it is a betrayal for the Church to push a Marxist book like White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. And this is what I have witnessed, without a disclaimer beyond stating that the book is not a Christian book nor is the author.

In an effort, to combat this local capitulation, I took it upon myself to read the book in its entirety. And I can attest to you the book is worse than what the title suggest. I can provide assurance to you that there is nothing edifying for the Christian in White Fragility. The background of Robin DiAngelo is that she is a diversity trainer. During her evangelism ministry, she realized white people do not take kindly to being accused of racism. And so she dubbed it “white fragility.”

This book starts with postmodernism and is drenched in Karl Marx. It is the most racist thing I have ever read, not only in how it views white people but also how it views black people. Robin DiAngelo believes she has this special knowledge that makes her better than you, yet at multiple times is a total fraud.

I could go on about how bad this book is. But I would much rather show you. that is why I am doing a video series on White Fragility where we will walk-through the book. In this walk-through, I will show you her underlying arguments, abundant fallacies, insane anecdotes, and other craziness found. I do not exaggerate with how fallacious Robin DiAngelo is.

The video above is the first installment in this series I am doing. I hope you will watch. If you are interested in continuing the series with me, I urge you to subscribe so you do not miss it.


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  1. 10 am Sunday is the most segregated hour in America. Circa 2003, a church in Alabama (if memory serves) offered to pay people with light skin to attend their church where people had mostly dark skin. Now that I think about it, I never heard how that worked for them. And I feel dirty writing that and trying to use PC words.

  2. It IS unnecessary for the church in America “to want to address the rising racial tensions.”

    It is NOT “racial tensions” that is “rising”.

    Check out the SKIN COLOR of most of the protestors. It is generally WHITE.

    What is “rising” are “tensions” between GOOD and EVIL. Evil is ascendant.

    What the church in America needs to address is the lack of action to promote GOOD and fight EVIL by PASTORS, leaders, and individual Christians.

    1. I hope you don’t mistake what I mean by addressing cultural issues. Real or perceived racial tension can be an opportunity to point people to the Gospel. This would count as addressing.

  3. Thank you for summing up this book so well bc I truly did NOT want to read it. So disturbing to see our youth indoctrinated in so many ways!

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