White Fragility Rebuttal Introduction

In the second installment of the White Fragility Rebuttal Series, we move through the introduction where Robin DiAngelo throws a lot of new terms at us, like racial stamina. There will be a pop quiz on these! In this video we talk about the author’s backstory and the book’s scope.

In the first installment, I introduced the series. I explain that this book needs to be confronted because it is being used to infiltrate the church and society as a hole. In this video, the Robin DiAngelo’s introduction is explored. In the introduction she explains her background as a corporate diversity trainer who has encountered resistance among white people for her proselytizing. She deems this defensiveness white fragility. But this is far from the only term conjured. She concocts a whole new vocabulary that non-woke people are unfamiliar with. And several of these new terms do not have context clues, let alone explicit defining. For instance, do you know what racial stamina is? Neither did I until I got to page 125.

Buckle up. It’s time to get on the crazy train. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the next installments.

One comment

  1. I was force fed this indoctrination and false narrative as a doctoral student in Palo Alto. I knew it was not as they were teaching because I love and know The Word of God. Thank you for this series as I know I could not stomach reading the book, as I believe it is the same false content and poisonous, tainted “food and water” I was forced to listen to in college but did not ingest.


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