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Bolshevik Beth Moore

Beth Moore goes full Marxist. Never go full Marxist

Editor’s Note: This article was written on NOQ Report and specifically references their coverage.

For obvious reasons, Beth Moore’s tweet thread railing against white supremacy in the church got a lot of attention and raised a lot of question. NOQ Report already covered this story. However, I wanted to add my commentary because having founded the Evangelical Dark Web, in an effort to combat such heresies as the Social Justice Gospel, my expertise on this subject allows me to make sense of Beth Moore‘s words where they may not for most Christians. First Let us review Beth Moore’s words:

If you’re gonna let a little name-calling keep you from standing up for what you believe according to the Word of God is gospel truth, you ain’t ready. White supremacy has held tight in much of the church for so long because the racists outlasted the anti racists. Outlast THEM.

They’re going to call you a Marxist, a liberal (their worst possible derision) & a leftist. They’re going to make fun of your “wokeness” & they’re going to say you’ve departed all faithfulness to the Scriptures. If you teach or preach, they’ll say you are a false teacher/prophet.

And they do this because it is effective. There will be people who believe them. And this is why it has worked for generations. The names in the name-calling may be different but the fear it triggers is the same. No servant of God wants to be seen as unfaithful. So we tone down.

Can’t say this strongly enough: Stay in your Bibles. Read the OT prophets & watch for verses noting God’s displeasure over injustice. Note divine judgment. Start w/ Isaiah. Pore over the Gospels & watch what compelled & repelled Jesus. Read Acts thru Revelation. Read, read, READ.

Stop being intimidated. Don’t enter into the name-calling war. Hold onto your heart as you stand firm. Jesus said a tree is known by its fruit. Gal 5:22-23 lists the fruit Jesus prioritizes: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control.

The white supremacist way has produced terrible fruit. ENDURE. In regard to the ones who will believe you’re on the slippery slope, just keep serving Jesus faithfully. They are looking for you to go off the deep end in a few years. SO DON’T. Stay faithful to Jesus. Time’ll tell.

My colleague, Chastity Mansfield, writes that Beth Moore is begging the question as to where is the white supremacy in the church. She explains that this is a logical fallacy. She writes:

This is called “begging the question.” As Wikipedia describes it, “In classical rhetoric and logic, begging the question is an informal fallacy that occurs when an argument’s premises assume the truth of the conclusion, instead of supporting it. It is a type of circular reasoning: an argument that requires that the desired conclusion be true. This often occurs in an indirect way such that the fallacy’s presence is hidden, or at least not easily apparent.”

Her conclusion that white supremacy must be called out in the church assumes the premise that there is a problem with too many white supremacists in churches around America. Are there white supremacists present? Sure. Are the taking down churches, bullying members into accepting their ideology, or guiding churches in their doctrine? If so, it’s the best kept secret in evangelism because I’ve never heard of it being a problem in the last several decades.

However, I disagree with this criticism levied not only my colleague but many of the pundits and pastors that she highlights. Their critique of Beth Moore’s words are a surface level criticism that ignore the far more dangerous ideology underneath the surface. Beth Moore is preaching Marxism and has a different definition of white supremacy. In the same way that critical theorist (cultural Marxist) define racism as a system, they also define white supremacy in a similar manner.

Chapter 2 of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility defines white supremacy in such manner. Please refer to my walkthrough of Chapter 2 below

Beth Moore does not name names, nor cite evidence, because she is using a Marxist framework that assumes racism. The Christian does not use such framework and so they are left confused by her words. Rightfully so, I might add. While Beth Moore’s words, on the surface, are illogical and divisive, beneath the surface, Beth Moore is tripling down on Marxism and encouraging other to do the same.


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  1. Being racist is one of the worse things you can be, and by calling us racists when we’re clearly not, she is bearing false witness to millions of us in Christ. The Holy Spirit guides my actions and if she is calling those actions racist, she is dangerously close to greaving the Holy Spirit…..

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