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Conservative Baptist Network unveils Georgia state chapter

The last time I reported on the organization founded to prevent the downgrade of the Southern Baptist Convention, I noted my concern over the National Steering Council growing well beyond its effective capacity when it reached 50 members. I did not report the when it jumped to 52. Now it has increased to 54 with the latest announcement. But of more significance than the diminishing utility of two more members to the Steering Council was the announcement of a state chapter.

The Georgia State Chapter is the first state affiliate of the national Conservative Baptist Network formed in February 2020 to bring positive, biblical solutions that strengthen the SBC in an effort to fulfill the Great Commission and influence culture. The endorsers include 10 current and past Georgia Baptist Convention presidents and nine GBC officers and other leaders.

Georgia’s creation of a state chapter demonstrates both the popularity and the organizational capacity of the Conservative Baptist Network. By all appearances the Conservative Baptist Network is a powerful faction within Southern Baptist Convention politics, much like a political party. And while I remain dubious at the National Steering Council, the establishment of state chapters is an excellent means to enact influence at a local level. With Georgia, it appears many of the top Southern Baptist were already willing to sign up. The same cannot be said for every state, however it appears Florida may be next to receive a chapter.

Not only is the Conservative Baptist Network a formidable organizational apparatus to combat the theologically liberal JD Greear and company, it is also the setting up the groundwork to establish a new denomination should the eject button need to be pressed.


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