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Why white people invented race (according to Marxists) | White Fragility Rebuttal Chapter 6

Perhaps the dumbest claim in the entire (bestselling) book White Fragility is that white people invented the concept of race for the African slave trade. This monumental feat requires never once taking a history class, better yet burning books altogether.  In this video we go through Robin DiAngelo’s own arguments about white people have no cultural identity apart from opposing and distinguishing themselves from black people (yes, she says this).

We also touch up upon robin DiAngelo’s movie criticism game. In an effort to paint white people as vehemently anti-black, she goes hard against The Blind Side, the movie depicting the life of NFL tackle Michael Oher. Robin DiAngleo, being a communist, criticizes the movie for all of the wrong reasons. Like I said in the beginning, this is an extremely dumb book.


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