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Jemar Tisby vs Tom Ascol: Two Vastly Different Views on BLM Riots

America is a deeply divided nation and nothing illustrates the two opposing views quite so well as this exchange between Jemar Tisby and Tom Ascol. Jemar Tisby is a woke figure promoting the Social Justice Gospel in largely religious contexts. In stark contrast, Tom Ascol, of Founders Ministry, is one of the leading voices opposing the infiltration of the Social Justice Gospel in the Southern Baptist Convention. With the events surrounding Black Lives Matter, the two worldviews could not be more different.

Jemar Tisby’s comparison to the Civil Rights Movement is oft one we’ve heard before. On numerous occasions has this historical analogy been misapplied to the same degree as the Holocaust or 1930’s Germany. The homosexual/ transvestite agenda views itself as a civil rights movement, as do feminists, illegal immigration and climate activists. This is an attempt to play to Obama’s famous fallacy of “the right side of history.”

Tom Ascol responds with a different historical analogy.

Tom Ascol compares the events that Jemar Tisby observes to the Bolshevik Revolution, the revolution that finished the Russian Empire, over one hundred years ago. And Tom Ascol is certainly not alone in this comparison. In my last video, I was not shy about calling the violence in our streets communist insurrections. And I do not believe you should be shy about that either. Black Lives Matter is a vehemently Marxist movement with very innocuous branding. But nonetheless, we are seeing the fruits of Marxism play out. The logical conclusion to believing in systemic racism is to overthrow the current systems. 


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  1. Mao’s great leap forward would have never gotten so bad if it weren’t for the brain washed youth who had no life experience to know better. One of the reasons why the youth of today are taught so little of it. The evils of leftist revolutions are hidden from them and for all the wrong reasons!

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