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August 2020 EDW Report

As usual, I give an update on what’s going on with the site. I enjoy the interaction with you, the readers, and want to be transparent about the successes and shortcomings. August was undoubtedly a success. If we combined the site and the YouTube Metrics, it was the highest views ever, and shattered the visitors record. The reach of Evangelical Dark Web is growing.

Quick Stats


Discernment continues to be the bread and butter of this operation. In August we republished the piece on Beth Moore as a post instead of a page. It was originally a Category 3 but has been upgraded to Category 5 as a result of more recent events. We were able to (finally) add a new verdict to the pool with Matt Chandler which was hard because he is somewhere between a 3 and a 4. This was the first new verdict since Dharius Daniels in June. I know I am behind pace on getting to all of this and research all of these people, many of whom this is the first time I’ve heard their name. I want to provide assurance that no requests have been lost or forgotten. I add each one to a spreadsheet and choose by number of requests. But since embarking on Matt Chandler, there was a gridlock for the next verdict. In recent days that gridlock was broken with Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding. So he will likely be the next verdict.

YouTube Channel

Unsurprisingly, this was the best month yet, by every metric for the channel, but it did not come easy, as it looked. It was neck and neck with the last month, but I surpassed it with the Kyle Rittenhouse video I did, which was incendiary, thus bringing in a lot of trolls. Marketing the White Fragility Series is a learning process, but it should get easier with the upcoming videos which are also shorter. I have enough prerecorded videos to get me through the month at the rate I am going at. I am publishing videos every Sunday and Wednesday at midnight, until I am able to produce more regularly. But hopefully this will not replace the writing. If you have not subscribe, please do so. It helps get the message out there.

Upcoming Articles

There are a lot of articles to write, not enough time to write them, and stories come and go. For instance, I wanted to write on Tim Keller, but I may have missed the boat. I do want to write an additional article on Neil Shenvi, but James Lindsay may get my attention instead, for similar reasons. September begins during a heated news cycle, and I want to circle back to cover other items more thoroughly, like Jerry Falwell Jr.’s demise at Liberty University. I did in, August maintain my commitment to write more articles than in July, with lengthier pieces thrown in as well. Hope for a lot of writing in September.

Prayer Request

I’ve never floated a prayer request on here before, but I am in need of it. Last month, I said that I was in the process of moving. That is still the status for this month. By the month’s end, I will be moving somewhere else, likely for a transition before deciding on a near or long term future. So a lot of moving is in my future. Please pray for wisdom in the decisions that my family needs to make.

Soli Deo Gloria


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