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Jerry Falwell Jr.

A followup on Jerry Falwell Jr.

It would appear that the persistent rumors regarding Jerry Falwell Jr., his wife, and their pool boy have been confirmed. The rumors that his wife was having sexual relations with the pool boy are now an agreed upon fact by all parties.

These new claims change much of how we should view this situation. In my last video, I was very pragmatic about replacing Jerry Falwell Jr. because I believe someone superior can easily take his place. However, grassroots evangelicals are rather split on Jerry Falwell Jr.’s demise. There are some like me who view this as an opportunity for improvement and ridding our movement of someone who is kind of a clown. There are others such as the former professor of southwestern Baptist theological seminary Bobby Lopez who view this as a scheme by theological liberals to take over Liberty University like they have done at so many other seminaries. Now at the time I didn’t believe that that claim had much substantiation. However, this is a valid concern. And I think we should be vested and who becomes the replacement.

But there should be no question that Jerry Falwell Jr. needs to go. None whatsoever. I am inclined to believe the pool boy who honey potted the Falwells with Jerry’s likely consent. Now this pool boy is a wicked man, but if what he says is correct, Jerry Falwell Jr. is lying by saying his wife was having an affair, which does worsen the situation.

There is precedent for this. If we look back 10 plus years ago Ted Haggard was the leader of the National Evangelical Association but it would turn out that he would be a raging homosexual. So this isn’t the first time that someone supposedly on our side is a sexual deviant. It is a great shame, and a reminder to place our faith in God rather than man. In the end, I hope Jerry Falwell Jr. repents and comes to the Lord if he has never done so in his life.


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