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What is racial stamina? And do you have any?

One of the first terms Robin DiAngelo drops is racial stamina, but there is almost the expectation that you should know what these terms mean. As a non-woke person, these are new terms for me. And Robin DiAngelo uses these terms in passing without providing context clues to know what they mean. “Racial” functioning as an adjective or adverb in DiAngelo’s writing alters the succeeding word into some knew Social Justice Warrior phrase. But in chapter 10 of White Fragility, we finally get enough context clues to define “racial stamina.”

Racial stamina may be colloquially defined as the ability to accept accusations of racism or racist behavior. Racial stamina has no regard for the merit of such accusations of race (because meritocracy is an idea to maintain white supremacy.) To be defensive in any way against accusations of racism is to exhibit white fragility.

See how non-falsifiable this all is? According to Robin DiAngelo, ideal white woke person will bend over and take a baseless accusation of racism, without vaseline, get up afterwards, and say thank you. 

This is extremely anti-intellectual, to disregard context and merit for a claim. But intersectionality, which ultimately argues one’s ability to see truth is ultimately determined by their intersections of oppression according to Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism).

This was honestly my favorite chapter to review because her concept of racial stamina is entirely laughable. It is also a solution, to build up one’s racial stamina, that she advocates. And this nonsense is why we need to purge society of Critical Theory, because we are laughing at the idea of racial stamina now but not for much longer.


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