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The Pagans lost their intellectual heavyweight. Now what?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a tyrant and wrong on every significant issue. But make no mistake, she was highly intelligent and certainly a worthy rival for the soul of a nation. But what will become in the wake of her demise. In truth, the pagans loved the Notorious RBG, but how many could articulate her tenure on the highest court other than the fact that she was a feminist. Put more bluntly people love the Nototious RBG because it is cool to love her. But the idolatry surrounding RBG was not one she necessarily invited upon herself. She was not big on emotionalism, and emotionalism is what the Left has become.

The arguments made by the Pagan leftists have increasingly become anti-intellectual with the rise of Critical Theory. As I describe in great detail, their priestess Robin DiAngelo consistently employs the non-falsifiable fallacy. She’s an intellectual lightweight, yet her book is within their canon. She rakes in five figures per speaking engagement.

So with Ginsburg gone, is the Left doomed to see more DiAngelos and fewer Ginsburgs? Are Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan capable of taking up that mantle. Being a white male, I doubt Stephen Breyer is. But if the left wanted intellectual idols in politics outside the Supreme Court, who would they turn to? Their ideological champions at the moment include Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Bernie Sander. However, Elizabeth Warren is certainly a policy wonk. But it’s fair to say had Elizabeth Warren the ability to achieve pagan god status, she would probably have fared better in the primaries.

We are already seeing the unstoppable wave of emotionalism in the pagan community. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was perhaps the last vestige of logic to a movement that believes “I emote. Therefore, I am.” The movement that is continually pushing the envelop of sedition and revolution has no clear need for the replacing high capacity legal minds. After all, the endgame of Critical Theory is to expand the proletariat for some sort of neo-Marxist revolution. And at such occasion, the Left would have no use for their Notorious RBG.

Perhaps it is mercy that Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not live to see the monster she helped create turn on her. But it’s clear that the death of an idol has emboldened the lawlessness that Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not support to complete the takeover of the pagan movement she emboldened.


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