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White Women tears are racist? | White Fragility Rebuttal Chapter 11

Yesterday I wrote about the increasing tide of emotionalism surrounding Leftists in the political arena, and what better way to follow that up with than another installment of White Fragility Rebuttal, where I go through Robin DiAngelo’s crowning achievement. Chapter 11 is pack full of the emotionalism as we near the end of her work.

In Chapter 11, Robin DiAngelo describes how white women crying is an act of racism. Yes, really. It all goes back to the idea of Assassins Creed Racism that I explained in chapter 5. Basically, white women crying reminds black people of when white women accused black men of raping them. This Assassins Creed Racism bleeds today and thus an act of racism by white women.

While Robin DiAngelo is not wrong to suggest that tears can have selfish motivations behind them, she ultimately wants you not to cry but to act. She is trying to motivate action from a sense of guilt. This is manipulative and manipulative in a very similar matter to how churches can wrongfully invoke guilt to achieve an desired action. With White Fragility, it is not the logic that made this book popular. Robin DiAngeo either validates one’s conceived sense of self-superiority, or intentionally tries to manipulate them with sleazy sales tactics.


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