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Can Christians rebrand their way out of censorship?

On August 5th, I wrote about how big tech censorship will ultimately come for all likeminded Christian publications. This was in reference to JD Hall writing about the blacklisting of his site, PNP News (Pulpit & Pen), by Facebook. I concluded that I too must come up with a plan on how to address such censorship in the future. In this goal I wanted to do a followup as JD Hall continues to provide a case study on one method: rebranding.

I totally respect the lack of idolatry for a ministry for one to be willing to burn it and start over in a new form, like a phoenix. And no doubt the new form Protestia has a long ways to go to regain lost ground. But there definitely seems to be a structure in place to get it there. While JD Hall is at the head of Protestia, the day-to-day operations will be handled by Gideon Knox Group, an apparent joint venture between JD Hall and Cody Libolt. The Gideon Knox Group is a Christian consultant firm established to help campaigns, alternative media sites, and influencers.

I’m dubious over how long it will take before Facebook cracks down on Protestia like its predecessor, considering I doubt they will capitulate on their messaging. I wonder how long the tech giants will “permit” Evangelical Dark Web to stay around, but we rely mainly on search and direct traffic, so there is less they can do to us for the time being.

I think Protestia has rebranded in a highly transparent matter, especially given the involvement of another firm. I don’t think JD Hall is perfect, but I do think his strategy to advance his message is the best strategy available for him. But whether rebranding is a solution to copy has yet to be determined.


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