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Robin DiAngelo Communist

Robin DiAngelo Goes Full Marxist! Never Go Full Marxist. | White Fragility Rebuttal Chapter 12

In this installment of White Fragility Rebuttal, we finish off the last chapter where Robin DiAngelo summarizes her points and focuses on solutions. In this chapter Robin DiAngelo addresses her stated solution of interrupting racism all while hinting at a Marxist revolution she’s unwilling to mention.

It’s worht mentioning that interrupting racism is a pointless goal. Imagine dropping a rock in the Mississippi River. That is interrupting the flow of the water but does nothing to stop it of fight back. Yet that is the explicit solution of Robin DiAngelo’s best selling work.

Her implicit solution is quite obvious and far more nefarious. At numerous points in the book, she criticizes white people for not accepting Classical Marxism while labeling “white” ideas like meritocracy and individualism as white supremacy. It’s clear she’s pushing a Marxist book. But in chapter 12 , the final chapter, she leaves off with a cliffhanger that suggests a Marxist revolution is necessary to upend the racist institutions. Page 153 details this suggestion, and I go through that in this video.


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