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The Gospel Coalition unveils Marxist podcast series

It’s an open secret in the world of protestant Christianity that The Gospel Coalition is pushing the Social Justice Gospel. In-between writing puff pieces to sooth Christian consciences to vote for Joe Biden and slandering Kyle Rittenhouse, 2020 has been quite a revealing year for the publication. but how much more obvious can the facade become? Apparently a new podcast series on their network has answered this question.

The Gospel Coalition tweeted the trailer to “As In Heaven” claiming it was a Christian conversation about race. The podcast featured small excerpts from a number of voices. Several of these voices were advancing Critical Race Theory. In the video here I give my response.

For instance, the first gentleman speaking is advocating using Critical Race Theory as an analytical tool. Interestingly enough, the second speaker uses a more or less correct definition of racism which, in my opinion is likely a bait and switch because every other speaker was peddling Critical Race Theory. Two of the pastier people were talking 1619 project type of rhetoric. The most overt instance of Critical Race Theory in this trailer was a black women talking about trying to free white people from white supremacy, calling in an “act of love.” But with Critical Race Theory, white supremacy has little to do with Klan hoods and swastikas and far more to do with ideologies. From reading White Fragility, these ideologies include individualism and meritocracy, to very biblical notions. This is white Social Justice preachers like Beth Moore accuse the church of harvesting white supremacy but never name names nor cite evidence. Critical Theory is anti-intellectual. It assumes racism in every situation.

The Social Justice Gospel is a false gospel. As Christians, we cannot accommodate heretical ideologies such as Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism). It must be anathematized.


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  1. yes and amen! May the light of the gospel of the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Jesus of the Holy Bible, of the new covenant in his pure, perfect, holy Blood and Name above every name that can be named, the Matchless, Powerful Name of Jesus, the exact image and likeness of God our Father, expose their darkness and convict them of sin, righteousness, judgment, and to repent and return to the True Light of Christ Jesus.

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