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JD Greear’s worship pastor is woke BLM, homosexuality supporter

Update: According to Rod D. Martin, Summit is undergoing Matthew 18 in light of this, most likely for specific tweets compiled that went viral as opposed to the plethora explored in this video and article.

JD Greear, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, is among the most influential figures in Evangelicalism, as is his flagship church Summit Church is quite influential as well. This proved very true with the story of FBC Naples. However, in trying to understand JD Greear, it is necessary to keep in mind who he staffs. This story came to my attention because of Rob D. Martin’s tweet.

The tweet is bad, but further context reinforced the concerns. For one thing, what Michael Georges Jr. tweets, a Black Hebrew Israelite would also tweet. Some o the biggest highlights include:

Theses are his standard hashtags on many tweets.
This tweet was recently deleted.
In reference to Beth Moore going full Marxist
On BLM/ ANTIFA violence

There are several retweets of Eric Mason, Jackie Hill Perry, socialist politicians, Jemar Tisby, Timothy Keller, TD Jakes, among others. From Michael Georges Jr.’s social media, it is clear he worships his skin color.

It’s worth speculating how much he has an impact on JD Greear’s theology, in order to understand JD Greear. Who’s belief system is alpha in that relationship? But the damage JD Greear is doing necessitates exposing who he staffs his church with. It’s similar to how Brian Houston was in favor of having homosexual ministers until they got caught. As JD Greear leads the SBC down a heretical path, the fact that he has a radical leftist, pro-homosexuality, worship pastor is not very surprising.


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  1. Reading those tweets made my head hurt. I don’t tweet so I don’t get sucked in thankfully. So many examples she sites and racists outed. I didn’t find one! Their only claim of an example of racism is our denying that there is systematic racism. See how it works. Did any of them take a logic course at university? Denying its existence is proof it exists. Have you tried that one on the atheists Beth?

    This has reached such a level of insanity, its hard to get my head around people believing such things.

    So glad I don’t have to trust in man! I place my trust in God….

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