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September 2020 EDW Report

As usual, every month, I like to write about the progress being made and the direction of this ministry. Without question or hesitation, I must report that September was the best month yet, according to every metric. And much of that credit goes to Jon Harris who promoted this site across multiple social media platforms claiming it was “extremely well done.” It is great to be complimented by someone higher up in this line of work.

Quick Stats


As usual, part of the Discernment ministry here is that we take reader requests on potential false teachers and do more research. In September, we did not publish a verdict on anyone, despite announcing that Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding was next. The verdict on Johnson is complete and will be published tomorrow, unless a time sensitive story comes up. The Bill Johnson verdict took a little longer because it required more extensive research outside of my expertise. It is also a lengthier piece at approximately 2700 words without becoming exhaustive. I beleive that this research was thorough and it will ultimately be beneficial to other verdicts to come. In the meanwhile, I will update the Mike Todd verdict because my research into NAR raises some questions about my most read piece on this site ever that I seem to have commented on yet failed to explain a larger theological issue at play. This needs to be remedied. The next verdict will be on Levi Lusko due to the volume of requests. I’ve never heard of him prior to you all, but it appears he is very much like Steven Furtick.


Last month, I barely had time to film new content and relied heavily on prerecorded videos on White Fragility. Now only one video remains, and that is because I split the chapter 12 which wraps up the series. Despite this, it was the best month yet. But I believe I will be able to tackle more topics on video this month. Already, we have the JD Greear Woke Worship Pastor Exposed video which I believe will gain traction. Not sure what to expect for this month. I do want to do videos addressing the State of Theology.

Upcoming Articles

This month we have the confirmation hearing on the Notorious ACB. That will be a fun time. Of course, you expect more content breaking down the Social Justice Gospel in real time. I am working on a reader submitted topic on the Church Planting Industries embrace of the Social Justice Gospel. The civil war in the SBC is reheating after six relatively quiet months. I think I might also want to write on Genesis.

Prayer Requests

My prayers from last month have been answered. Around the time that next months report will be published, I will commence the process of moving into a house that I have bought. Please pray for this process.

Soli Deo Gloria



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