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Social Justice Gospel meets Prosperity Gospel

It’s a common misconception that false gospels are mutually exclusive. The Prosperity Gospel is often viewed as a Republican heresy while the Social Justice Gospel and liberal Christianity at large are viewed as Democrat heresies. Indeed Donald Trump has surrounded himself on multiple occasions with Prosperity preachers, including his “spiritual advisor” Paula White (Cain). And numerous theological liberals are supportive of socialism.  John Pavlovitz is a prominent example of this. But these seemingly politically opposed false gospels are far from mutually exclusive.

In this video I pull out a few examples. Dr. Eric Mason, author of Woke Church, recently had a viral sermon in which he’s using the Bible to call for reparations. Eric Mason is most certainly woke, but no doubt Eric Mason is trying to get some stacks. And I speculate there is a racial divide on motivation. The woke white brigade is usually not so craven in pursuit of stacks. The white elites are the real communists. A lot of woke black preachers want to get reparations, like Mason.

On the Prosperity Gospel side the motives change also. Joel Osteen wants the stacks to keep flowing and going along with corporate America on every major social issue is one way to do that. John Gray is one of the most habitually scandal-ensnared preachers in America. He could use a little victimhood at the moment.

With victimhood, there’s money to be made. Bowing to culture is safer than living according to biblical convictions. And you can’t live by biblical convictions if you don’t have any. And without such convictions, by what standard can you to oppose a competing false gospel?


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