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Owen Strachan

Owen Strachan: Church Discipline The Woke!

Here is a hot take, as social media would call it. But is this really a hot take or does it really only feel that way because Christianity in America is exceedingly lukewarm? I’ve read old Lutheran confessions of faith that denounce those who believe in believer’s baptism. It’s safe to say there was a time when Christians were to quick to make major theological schisms over secondary theological issues. But this time has long passed and now we are left with an unhealthy extreme in the opposite direction to where we count among Christians, too often, those who have long strayed from orthodoxy.

In the interest of unity, churches have permitted competing worldviews, among them humanism and Marxism. We see this where major Big Eva figures justify the consciences of those who vote for Democrat candidates, even though the party has no room at the table for a Christian worldview. But a unity built on suppressing worldview issues, one built on a postmodern view of objective truth and with it an overly subjective view of the interpretation and application of Scripture and conscience, is a unity built on a sandy foundation. But effort of maintaining cultural relevancy, many pastors suppress their own relevance by being unwilling to take a more definitive stance on hot button issues. It’s a poor strategy, unless you want to put butts in seats. Oh wait, most are unwilling to take a stand on doing that physically because they are afraid of the Karens in their congregations.

In this video, we watch and I respond to Owen Strachan’s viral clip where he calls for the church to enact discipline on those who are going woke, and if necessary after going through the process of Matthew 18, excommunication. This sounds extreme but it’s really basic and only logical. Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are ideologies that are ultimately apart of the Social Justice Gospel. They seek to take captive the church. Pastors, especially, are charged with the duty of protecting people from the bondage of these ideologies. Being part of a false gospel, to propagate this ideology is to sin. Therefore Matthew 18 is the logical and loving course of action, that we may rescue the offender from the dangerous ideas they are acting on or peddling.

We must be willing to take ideas to their logical conclusions and act accordingly. We must also be willing to take strong stands on issues the Bible is quite clear about. A Christian should ultimately be thankful for the church discipline process whether it convicts them or exonerates them. And therefore, this tool that we are given can be a means to rescue the captive church.


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  1. Open a book about Stalin or Moa. Marxism is satanic. IT IS. I dont know if Christians risk losing their salvation over it as many are brainwashed and may be following it with what they believe to be their heart and the supposed “Christ-like” qualities of communism/socialism. But, it has lead to more suffering for the innocent AND the suffering of Christians and Jews. Also, Nazism was a type of socialism as well (National Socialism), but don’t tell the left that. Somehow our education system has succeeded in putting the it on the ‘right’ when its a type of socialism!

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