JD Greear touts Christine Caine’s endorsement in Big Eva circle jerk

Very little epitomizes much of what motivates Big Eva quite like book endorsements. In politics, it is quite common to ghost endorse a book that you have not read. Currently, I am reading a book that President Donald Trump ghost endorsed. But this practice in politics and news media is dangerous, or at the very least, disingenuous. In the past I wrote about how Franklin Graham endorsing Paula White’s book, a move that was primarily motivated by access to Trump. Robert Jeffress and Jack Graham were also among the endorsements written about. This was an obvious mistake, one of which Franklin Graham would try to take back. In this case, JD Greear touts the support the support of Christine Caine for his new book.

Likewise to the previous examples, JD Greear’s move to tout Caine’s endorsement was not well received, even by his own supporters. Christine Caine is well documented by Discernment folks (we have not written in specific about her.) Caine is a product of Hillsong and has branched out with her own ministries. She’s on TBN and has written several books.

JD Greear’s touting got ratio’ed on Twitter. It’s not a bad thing for pastors to write books but to promote said book by any means necessary is unwise, putting it mildly. It also is just another example of how the “Christian” book industry is disingenuous. The circle jerk of book endorsements is designed to keep the money flowing from the laity to the elite.

One of the goals of Evangelical Dark Web is to decentralize this influence, in order to protect vital doctrines and institutions. This move by JD Greear proves why this is a necessary goal.

One comment

  1. A “circle jerk”, really? The end criticism put forth is legitimate. Why use obscene and vulgar language to make the point? The ends do not justify the means.


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