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White Fragility Top 3 Criticisms

It’s past time I wrap up my series on rebutting White Fragility. This video summarizes my top three criticisms of the book.

Fallacy of Nonfalsifiablity

In layman terms, this is a head I win tails you lose structure of argument. She argues that white fragility is a real phenomenon and your disagreement is further proof of white fragility. This is a logical fallacy, and it shows just how anti-intellectual Cultural Marxism actually is despite widespread support in academia.

Non-Representative Sampling

For a book that relies almost entirely on anecdotal evidence, Robin DiAngelo does not have a representative sample of the population of Black Americans or other minorities. DiAngelo is a diversity trainer, by trade. The people she bumps into on the job, from which many of her anecdotes come from are people that already have a similar point of view.

Moreover there are several examples that demonstrate how out of touch she is with not only American culture but Black American subculture. Being both an academic and a diversity trainer are strike one and strike two on this account. It’s worth noting here that her conversion story is as uninspiring as they come. And her understanding of white people is a complete projection. Ironically many of her stories where white people demonstrate racism are instances of white leftists doing so, such as a black writer being mistaken for a caterer or a small college not hiring a minority professor. DiAngelo’s anecdotes feature a very small perspective on an issue she is quite fixated on, therefore is not a fair representation of American culture.

A Correct Reading Makes One A White Supremacist

People have often concluded that woke and white supremacists are exceedingly familiar. And there is a reason for this. A woke person believes that there is white privilege. A white supremacist believes it’s a privilege to be white. Both believe in hiring based on race and segregation. Both view minorities as inferior, and both think all black people think alike. The key difference between woke and racist is that a white supremacist believes that whiteness is good and a woke person believes that it is evil.

Now, if a white person is convinced by Robin DiAngelo’s Marxism, it is more logical that they come away from this embracing white supremacy because of the Marxist understanding of power dynamics. If the system benefits you based on race, why would you want to upend the system. Power does not exist in a vacuum. If it is not oppressing nonwhite people, then the system will oppress white people. That is how a racial zero sum game works. And therefore, in the interest of self-preservation, a white Marxist should embrace white supremacy upon reading this work. Especially after being told you are not a bad person and you can never not be racist.

Obviously this contradicts a Christian worldview. In the gospel there is hope. In Cultural Marxism there is endless works and no freedom from the sin of racism. Choose accordingly.


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