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Why I Voted For Donald Trump

After writing The Christian Case For Trump 2020, I made the best arguments in voting affirmatively for Trump what the Bible says and the cultural worldview battles that are at play. I believe them to be the most compelling arguments in affirmative to vote for Trump. However, I have consistently maintained that a Christian case cannot be made for every candidate, such as Joe Biden. And while I have not articulated or argued against a Christian case for not voting, I wanted to articulate why I have already voted for President Donald Trump enthusiastically.

I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 because I thought he was left of center and would not keep his campaign promises. Like many Cruz Conservatives, my concerns, though extremely valid, were not realized nearly to the extent that I had feared. But it is undeniable that Trump is superior to 75% of Republicans.

But my vote for Donald Trump was not so much a vote for President Trump as it was a vote for myself and for my brothers and sisters in Christ. The constant vitriol that Trump voters receive from the media, from Big Eva, from corporate America, from celebrities, is often meant to denigrate the witness of Christians who voted for Trump in 2016.

I cannot stand that. It is a satanic lie that Democrat policies take care of the least of these. The Democrat Party is irredeemably evil and abortion is just the bloody tip of the spear. Christians are accused of worshiping Trump by those who view the state as a god they can wield against their political opponents. The truth is that Trump voters, especially the Christian ones recognize Trump’s flaws and realize their vote is for policy, judges, and keeping socialism at bay. Voting is not a spiritual activity; it is an application of a Christian worldview.

And so, I have not only voted for Trump, but done so enthusiastically. Instead of staying out of the fray, I am decisively taking action to stand with my brothers and sisters who have likewise voted for Trump. And if they want to go after them, they have to come through me first. So to defend the witness of those who vote for Trump, I have joined them in doing so.


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  1. That is EXACTLY how I feel about voting for Trump, as well as the Christians I know. Well said….

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