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Minutes from the Rubicon

As a student of history, I look back to see what historic events rhyme with present day. In 2012, I remember hearing people say that America was as divided as it had been since the Civil War. Each year, this has gotten considerably worse. And with 2020, America is certainly having its crisis of its third century. With our entertainment dependency reduced, Americans are as willing to fight a civil war as possible in a modern era.

If you convince Americans that they cannot trust the election process while also taking away their amenities, the ingredients for a civil war are there. And when I suggest that decline of legacy entertainment is a factor, I mean to say that, in the previous years, Americans lacked the conviction to fight a civil war because of the comforts and conveniences.

And it is more than safe to say the election process cannot be trusted. What other country in the world has this many issues with counting votes? It is not that the United States is inferior or has inferior systems, it’s that the people running these systems are corrupt. Who takes a break counting votes when the race is undecided? Who announces they are taking a break counting votes only to count votes secretly? Why do America’s largest cities consistently have no problems reporting but places like Broward County, Fulton County, Philadelphia County, and Wayne County are constant embarrassments? Why are votes being transported in ice coolers? Why is there so much video evidence of votes being discarded? There are a myriad of tiny examples that point to a lot of shady activity with our election.

And it looks like Trump is going to fight with the election results. Many have anticipated drawn out battle in the Supreme Court across multiple states, as well as not knowing the winner for days after the election. America has not had an election this contested before, as both Florida 2000 and Illinois 1960, pale in comparison to the quagmires of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

So President Trump will have a decision to make. He can concede and begin the transition process, or he can fight to the bitter end. The bitter end means not transitioning power despite apparent defeat. It appears, for now, Trump is readying to fight.

When looking back at the most well-known civil war in Roman history, Julius Caesar had his back against the wall with Pompey. It was no easy decision to march on Rome, but the Senate left him little choice. Trump could be America’s Julius Caesar, because his actions could set off a point of no return for American history and life as we know it.

Whether Trump crosses the Rubicon or hands the country over to Biden, the easiest days of being a Christian in America are behind us and unlikely to return. Be prayerful. Be vigilant. Put on the armor of God.


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  1. “the easiest days of being a Christian in America are behind us and unlikely to return.” Well put my brother, well put. Keep praying and praising our Lord Jesus Christ, who is omniscient. If he allows it, there is for a reason.

  2. 1/3 of Americans don’t care and another third are happy they’re cheating (search videos of election workers filling out ballots, the proof is there). And how many of the remaining third have the stomach? I’m afraid these thirds apply to the church as well. Truth and honesty are near death in America. Its quite sad to see and to know, to be sure. Just remember what’s unfolding is part of God’s plan, and if we stay true we ARE victorious.

    1. Everything you said here is true and was also true in 1775. A vocal minority is usually what moves society and government.

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