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October 2020 EDW Report

Every month I write a report on how last month went. I need not further explain that the delay for October’s report is due to the election shenanigans. October was not as good a month as September, our best month, but, as usual, this is not discouraging. I wrote 20 articles and produced 12 videos. The build up to the election was a primary focus of the content produced.

Quick Stats


Discernment continues to drive much of the traffic to EDW. In October, we released the Bill Johnson verdict and updated the Mike Todd one using the research on NAR from Bill Johnson. Improving the most visited post on this site is certainly a good thing. And the traffic on Johnson was also pretty good.

The fourth most read post in October was the verdict on John Pavlovitz. I highlight this because this leftist pastor was searched at a much higher rate due to the election than in previous months. We had material ready for when people would search his name at a time he becomes more relevant (because he’s a political grifter.) This is why Evangelical Dark Web publishes verdicts the way that it does, and I am glad for the success that that post had.

As for the addition of new posts, I am still working on Levi Lusko. I had to put down the research because of other events that required my attention. To be honest this is a challenging topic, and I do not have enough evidence to make a case that matches my impression. It may be time to finish with what I have and let God reveal the final answer over time, as he does with teachers both true and false. A verdict can always be updated as Beth Moore‘s was, according to new evidence.


Producing video content is a learning experience. In October, I listened to the internet consensus on publishing videos and had no success with it. So I returned to publishing videos at midnight EST. But overall, the YouTube channel was taking a huge step back until the John Piper videos dropped. And the lesson here is that video content about a celebrity will draw more views then short videos answering questions. This is not the most fortunate news as I do not look for celebrities to talk about, but it must be noted moving forward.

Upcoming Articles

At the request of a reader, I will do more articles exegeting Scripture to debunk the Social Justice Gospel. I started this with a foundational piece on the Hebrews in Egypt. I will continue this in November. There’s a lot in Exodus that contradicts liberal Christianity. Hopefully the election will not drag out too much longer. I am well-versed in politics but prefer wreaking the arguments of Big Eva, although John Piper let me do both.

New Alliance

The Grassroots Evangelical movement includes a plethora of platforms. Recently, Jeff Dornik of Gatekeepers reached out to me. I think the piece where I mentioned the platform he built as a future option for this one that he promoted is a contributing factor. He reached out prior to when I was about to reach out (see below). Therefore, some of my articles will also be published on Gatekeepers, the same ones I also have published on NOQ Report. There will remain plenty of exclusive content here.

I see this alliance producing a lot of Christian content, as well as helping with distribution and building a network of faithful grassroots Evangelicals.

Personal Note

This weekend, I will be in the process of moving to my permanent residence. It has been a long and perhaps drawn out process, and I am ready to be rid of it. If content is light in the next few days, that is why. After I am set up at my new house, I will be back at full capacity. I also completed an editing project this past week which will open up some free time for me as well.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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