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Joe Biden 2020

Biden’s character already being used to spread wickedness

John Piper’s famous article where he argued that President Donald Trump’s character would do irreparable damage to the nation was rebutted by renowned theologian Wayne Grudem who argued that no one is committing adultery and crediting it to Trump making it more acceptable or no one is becoming more arrogant citing Trump’s behavior as a reason. Yet with Joe Biden as the presumptive President-Elect, wicked character flaws are already being justified. Over the campaign, Joe Biden’s Catholic faith was highlighted as an appeal to a key voting demographic. After the first few days of the election, Joe Biden upped his religious rhetoric on Twitter and in his speech.

But there is a Satanic effort here to undermine the faith of actual Christians. We could debate whether any Catholics are saved as the Catholic Church has adopted multiple heresies (ie Immaculate Conception), but it would be more prudent to point out that Joe Biden is terrible at representing what his stated belief system is supposed to represent. In other words, he would be a strong candidate for excommunication. But the afforementioned Satanic effort is real. Four years of slandering Christian witness because of Trump support was going to lead to a wicked man like Joe Biden being painted as a faithful Christian by the pagans.

John Pavlovitz exist for nothing other than calling evil good and good evil. He is a heretic.

Generic argument that I am referring to

These are Orwellian times. And Joe Biden’s character is being called good by people who call good evil and evil good. Gird your loins because it’s only November 9th.


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  1. I have seen the full video from CSPAN before YouTube buried it and all that’s left are clips that people scoff at as deep-fakes or edited. They are real. Joe Biden groped the chest of a little girl..she squirmed away in response. He is a pedophile. So Trump talked about groping a grown woman? If the response to Trump’s ‘evil’ is Joe Biden then yes, they obviously do not know evil! Multiple people have gone on the record publicly as to Joe Biden selling our government out to our enemy, China. Nothing but anonymous sources or people just selling books, claims of evidence never produced against Trump. Yelling evil at the top of your lungs does not make it so…

    Democracy has died, in darkness. That appears to what has just occurred. Maybe its not over yet for America, and good triumphs in the end. And I do not rely on government for my happiness and nothing will deny it. I don’t fear the man that can kill the body.

    We also are still quite lucky as historically our corrupt system is still better than average. It just, stinks, to see it being destroyed from within and with so much help from the citizens and parts of the Church.

    It felt good to get that junk out of my system to start the week! Thx for listening.

  2. Not sure if you realized, it was hard to tell by the format in my email, the comment by Todd Erzen was TOTALLY sarcastic. He is not a fan of slowmojoe

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