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Why do White Evangelicals feel the need to go woke?

Perhaps there are noble reasons why Evangelicals are going woke. They’ve been convinced to go along a with a movement because they feel that it is a loving course of action. This assumption is the most charitable reason that one can incidentally undermine the gospel. But we need to dispel the notion that embracing Black Lives Matter and wokeness will advance the gospel.

Interestingly enough, I posit that woke white Evangelicals may placate effeminate white men and the Karens, but it will likely turn off nonwhites from the church and the gospel. Data from the 2020 Election seems to show that nonwhites are not interested in a woke message.

Interestingly enough, this trend holds true across other states. In Miami-Dade County, Trump gained 100000 votes from 2016. In Texas, Trump saw significant swings in predominantly Hispanic counties. Trump improved performance running among nonwhites running on a message that was tough(er) on illegal immigration, tough on border security, very pro-America, tough on crime, and after having pushed back on Critical Race Theory. So, Trump refused to go woke and earned more nonwhite votes than any Republican since Nixon 1960. Yet Evangelicals think they need to go woke to reach these same populations?

I believe that a woke message will turn off Hispanics and possibly Asians. And I would further advance that nonwhites attracted by mixing Critical Theory with Christianity will really only be interested in the Critical Theory in so far ass they can materially or reputationally benefit. For instance, Eric Mason preaching reparations as a means for him to get stacks. Someone attracted to Eric Mason’s preaching will be interested for motivations of greed, and thus remain unregenerate.

Overall, I do not believe we should add ideology to the gospel to win over people of certain skin colors. Not only will it turn away those targeted people not interested in the ideology, but it will win false converts to the church. Stick to the Gospel and let the Holy Spirit go to work.

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One Response

  1. Again its the “Christ is not enough” mantra. You have to do more than introduce Christ into someone’s life; you have to do X to be a true Christian. X being something not found in scripture.

    And reparations. Nothing would be more damaging to minority communities than giving everyone 100k or more. Search: “I wish I never won the lottery.” Trump’s Platinum Plan would have helped the inner cities more than anything tried yet. Exactly why the left would never allow it. Pulling minorities out of poverty risks them possibly voting republican. Better to decriminalize possession of hard drugs and petty crime, and then kick them down a little more $$. Oh, and have the police stop policing. Sad that so many people go for that. Sad!

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