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When technology fails, God doesn’t

You never know when technology will fail you. Indeed much of our capabilities are heavily reliant on our own internet capabilities. Certainly Evangelical Dark Web is heavily reliant on my ability to sit down on a computer and write. Otherwise my means of platforming a message are limited to my otherwise reclusive nature. But such an outage happened to me. When Windows crashed while updating, the operating system became unbootable. So I am now virtually crippled. I have a work laptop that has corporate restrictions, a phone, and perhaps my wife’s computer if I ask nicely.

At the time of writing this I do not know if I will be able to recover my data. All of my pictures, videos, and documents are subject to a complete loss. Granted, many are published articles and videos. Some are abandoned projects. One document I used for Discernment, and the other is the current verdict I was writing. Both of these will be tedious to recreate.

But above all, I had a manuscript that was the culmination years of work that I had recently finished fine tuning. Just days before the fatal crash of Windows, I emailed it to my wife, creating a backup that otherwise only existed in an outdated form that thus negated my progress. I am thankful that God had me email the manuscript (something I will describe in greater detail another day). Otherwise, I would be inwardly panicked.

Moving forward, I will have a new computer, one far more capable of doing the online ministry I am building. My now dead computer had processing limitations. It did not like multiple monitors, video editing software, video recording software, and the display would not turn on if it went out (by simply being closed) at least 85% of the time without a reboot.

My technical difficulties will not impede what I am trying to do, for I will increase them accordingly after this setback. There is much coming down the pike. Between a new living situation and now a new computer situation, I will be reset to create a lot more content to advance the mission I have embarked on.

Soli Deo Gloria,


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  1. If just some boot files are corrupt, your data is probably okay and recoverable. Just have to find yourself someone who knows how to pull it off there. Or try this:
    If you have a tower (desktop) just put the drive from your dead computer in another slot and see what pops up when you click on it. Or get an adapter and hook the drive up to a USB port on a working computer and act like its a thumb drive. 50/50 chance that works.

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