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Ordinarily, I have done updates like this on a monthly basis, but sometimes it is necessary to reset the purpose of this for newer readers. Furthermore, I do want to announce some upcoming initiatives. But first I want to restate the purpose.

The Evangelical Dark Web exist as an apologetic and discernment ministry to combat three pervasive false gospels. The three false gospels are the Prosperity Gospel, the Social Justice Gospel, and the Popularity Gospel. Though the most threatening is the Social Justice Gospel, it is not mutually exclusive from the others. Moreover, the other false gospels inhibit our ability to fight the Social Justice Gospel.

In the last few weeks, I have moved into a house that I bought. In an unexpected turn of events, I had some technical difficulties to overcome. But I am now repositioning myself to engage in this fight even more. The Lord has provided for me well, and I intend to use my means in the Great Commission.

First, you can expect more content that addresses the relevant issues of today in a theologically sound manner. This much is not new. I previously announced that I would do more collaboration with Christian content creators.

I foresee a great need in the near future if not the present day. The need to connect faithful and discerning pastors with with faithful and discerning laity is critical in a time when so many churches are compromising, especially to the Social Justice Gospel. I want to create content to bridge this gap. It is my goal that this will eventually help Christians find churches and pastors find churches as well.

I relaize I am a long way from my eventual destination, but I will do what I can in the meantime and learn as much as I can for when the time is right.

Another thing I want to do in collaboration with other content creators is to host sort of round table discussions. This can be on books, pressing cultural issues. Another thing I want to do in collaboration with other content creators is to host sort of round table discussions. This can be on books, pressing cultural issues. After all, the Evangelical Dark Web is a play on the Intellectual Dark Web which is known for intellectuals willing to host alternative viewpoints to the mainstream.

On other occasions, there will be time for more lighthearted topics. My current technological situation now allows me to go back to doing Christian Film Reviews. Perhaps I can look into The Chosen.

So, overall, I want to emphasize that I am ramping up my efforts, not backing down because we Christians have a mission to complete.

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  1. Certainly time, for me at least, to use the energies I put into politics into saving more souls. Its obvious our leaders only play certain parts to pry money out of us, and they have no intention on actually solving the issues they use to get into our pockets. Trump tried to actually solve some of the issues of the day and look what happened. No one in DC wants anything truly important solved….

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