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Trans sex abuse

These people are sex offenders

In my life I have met three convicted pedophiles. Two were convicted for child porn and one for abusing a minor. The one that I knew best is my age and got off easy for reasons I will not divulge into here. Nevertheless, he will permanently be on the sex offender registry. I think about how the consequences of sexual crimes are sometimes inescapable. There’s a Black Mirror episode “White Christmas” starring John Hamm in which the conclusion shows a futuristic society where technology allows people to visually block each other causing the viewer to contemplate whether this punishment is too cruel especially as in the case of the episode where it was disproportionate to the offense.

I think about this, but I don’t really contemplate whether America goes too far in punishing sex offenders. Quite the opposite is true in my observation such as in the aforementioned case. But there are some offenses that necessitate this severity, but our society neglects to call it a crime. Transgendering your kids is something that should land a parent on a sex offender registry and is deserving of child protective services if not prison. This statement should not be controversial, yet it is a statement that can get you canceled on social media.

HBO’s documentary Transhood follows four minors over the course of years being inundated with this sexual ideology. This is not in San Francisco or even California. It’s filmed in Kansas City, and promotes transgendering children. There is this scene where this pagan church celebrates a reluctant boy being called a girl. In the clip (see above), the presumed parent passes the boy’s reluctance off as shyness which could be true in the same way Adrian was shy because of Paulie’s abuse in Rocky. But my observation was that he would not be on this path if it weren’t being pushed on him. And that is child abuse.

These parents should be registered. They should not be allowed to live near schools or work with children. You should be able to know where they live, so that you can act accordingly.

There aren’t many crimes more deserving of being a sex offender for life. And before we contemplate whether this stigma and consequence is too harsh, consider Luke 17:2.

It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.

Luke 17:2 ESV

These parents are sex offenders and a millstone would be merciful compared to what God will do if they do not repent. So instead of trying to be nicer than God about people who abuse children, setting them on a path of sin and destruction, we should instead adopt a biblical mindset and act accordingly to protect children from those who would do them harm.


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  1. I saw that. He’s being forced into it. I understand that the mother regretted it later on and the boy stayed a boy?

    Those old enough to recall may remember the East Germans breeding boys to be girls to compete in the Olympics. It was admitted to be boys with an extra chromosome, XXY. But rumors of just giving XX boys drugs to become girls were abundant. An old documentary followed their plight. It was sad to say the least! IT DOESNT WORK. You just can’t change sexes. Except for kids who were born with certain chromosome defects or issues with hormone production. Add to it kids childhoods being stolen by covid restrictions and my heart aches. Its satanic, no bones about it. We must fight back in the spiritual arena and lead more to Christ.

    They want us to fight back in the streets, because they know the police will choose their paychecks over the constitution. It would be a losing battle. Why fight on their battlefield, where we will lose? Rather to fight on the spiritual battlefield, where we have the upper hand!

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