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Trans sex abuse

Mother shows remorse after transgendering her son

It had come to my attention that the mother used in my video about how parents who transgender their children should have to register as sex offenders, has since had a change of heart. Now, I do not take back what I said, in which the implications would be that she is a sex offender in my sight. However, it is context worth looking into.

In the clip the mother talks about how she is trying to bury the years in which she transgendered her son. She is little by little trying to erase the evidence on social media. She knows what she did is wrong and even admits that transgenderism isn’t real and that it’s a mental disorder.

I want to use this as an opportunity to expound upon the difference between repentance and remorse. Repentance is the Holy Spirit changing you from the inside in order to turn from sin. Remorse is an acknowledgement that a particular sin was wrong to commit. The most famous example of remorse in Scripture was Judas who deeply regretted betraying Jesus to the point of suicide. Judas did not repent. Another biblical example is Belshazzar who had remorse over defiling the drinking vessels from Jerusalem but there was no repentance for his action. In the video, I point out how even Hitler had remorse over some of what he did prior to killing himself, because he was forced to acknowledge the fall of the Third Reich. But Hitler did not repent, instead dying a coward’s death.

Remorse is something that is the result of common grace. It is common grace that someone would realize that transgendering her son was wrong. It does not take regeneration to come to this conclusion any more than it takes regeneration to realize that the sky is blue. Perhaps this mother has received regeneration, but she does not mention Jesus and instead talks about burying the past.

Now, it’s good that she is no longer transgendering her son, but she is not the hero of this story. She is the villain.

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