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JD Greear, Tony Evans add to list of Southern Baptists suddenly ‘condemning’ CRT

The tide does indeed continue to shift. Big Eva, specifically the Southern Baptist portion of Big Eva is mobilizing to tackle Critical Race Theory after all this time. This comes after the SBC seminary presidents released a statement as well as the Resolutions Committee, that promoted the use of Critical Race Theory as an analytical tool. John Piper’s writing may be coincidental as it seems like he was not who lit this fuse of supposed condemnation.

It’s worth noting that JD Greear gave the SBC the Resolutions Committee that submitted Resolution 9. Last year, JD Greear was in large part behind the unsuccessful coup attempt at FBC Naples. Earlier in the year, he appointed woke Evangelical, Ed Stetzer, to helm the committee going into the canceled SBC2020. It was clear that Greear was set to thwart the grassroots efforts to overturn Resolution 9 and Al Mohler’s hegemony over the SBC. Now Al Mohler certainly is opportunistic by appearance. After changing stances on the issue of the inerrancy during the Conservative Resurgence, Mohler signaled the alarm bell that Critical Race Theory was not something that could be openly supported. It seems that JD Greear is in line on a chain reaction, but his was more

Whereas, Al Mohler’s statements were audacious lies, JD Greear is more duplicitous. It was not that long ago he was promoting CRT within the North American Mission Board with Kevin Ezell. JD Greear also used an affirmation of Tony Evans’ statement as a launching pad for his own words.


Tony Evans states here that Critical Race Theory can be beneficial as an analytical too, which JD Greear affirms. In the By What Standard? documentary, we see the brief exchange where Curtis
Woods and Tom Ascol debate CRT. Curtis Woods insist that it will only be used as an analytical tool. The words of Tony Evans and JD Greear aren’t substantially different than the words of Curtis Woods in 2019 or Resolution 9 itself which technically affirms the authority of Scripture.


Remain diligent. There is no reason to trust the duplicitous words of JD Greear or a woke clarification by Tony Evans. The term “Critical Race Theory” is being poisoned but not necessarily the ideas behind it, the assumptions it makes, or the problems and solutions it identifies. This does mean the tide is turning in favor of the grassroots Evangelicals over the woke elites, but it would be foolish to trust the words of double minded men.


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