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November 2020 EDW Report

As per tradition, every month I like to do a progress report on how last month did and to let you know what is coming up this month. November is a hard month to measure the success of. In, November, we had the most visitors on record though not the highest page views. However, in a related note, I believe the tide is shifting in the battle against the Social Justice Gospel. The Overton Window is shifting to where Critical Race Theory is a poisoned term. This is a welcomed sight, but we should be wise as serpents navigating these waters. In November there was a lot to write about with regards to John Piper, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and effeminacy. Overall there were 23 articles and 7 videos.

Quick Stats


My previously mentioned computer issues left my nearly completed work on Levi Lusko inaccessible. I will find out shortly if I am able to recover my work, along with the spreadsheet where I tabulate the large volume of requests. I’m not optimistic, but it would be a waste of time to restart before I know for sure. Until then I was going to move on to the teachers with the tied second highest requests. Two of which are John Piper and Carl Lentz. Having written a lot about Piper lately, it would be far easier to tackle now, than later. I may write one more article/video on John Piper first. Lentz should also be a quick writeup, unlike Lusko.

These verdicts are part of what makes Evangelical Dark Web stand out, so it is unfortunate to be bogged down covering pressing stories, like the repeated phony condemnations of Critical Race Theory. In November we saw traffic on John Pavlovitz spike since he is also a political grifter. The plan in December is to go back to writing these kinds of articles, especially as requests keep coming.


As much as I like to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat, the growth was not there on the channel this month. Part of it has to do with being technologically incapacitated, shortly after moving. I previously announced that I was gearing up for more content, and that remains the plan for December and beyond.

Personal Note

Now that I have better equipment and am no longer dealing with moving, unpacking, etc, I am able to put more time and effort into this fight.

Soli Deo Gloria,



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