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Woke Methodists form new denomination

The plan to take over society by Cultural Marxists is well known as the “long march through the institutions.” In this, every societal institution: government, entertainment, education, sports, corporate America, and even the church has been or is in the process of being taken over by Cultural Marxism. The larger point here is that Marxists do not build institutions, they take them over.

With church history, we see this pattern repeatedly. Old denominations, once solid, fell into apostacy. The United Methodist Church is no exception, certainly not in America that is. Yet there are theological liberals in the UMC that believe that the church is not becoming woke enough, fast enough. They accuse the United Methodist Church of being an institution of white supremacy and have formed a new one. This denomination is called the Liberation Methodist Connexion. And they are very up front about their heretical views.

We intentionally invite the full participation of all who are living out their God-given identities and expressions, including but not limited to:

Here is there list.

  • gender expressions and sexual identity
  • religious or non-religious backgrounds
  • heritage/nationality/ citizenship/immigration status
  • races and ethnicities
  • size
  • physical and/or mental age
  • incarceration status
  • living with HIV and any other chronic medical conditions
  • socio-economic/housing status
  • monogamous and non-monogamous
  • hair color or styles, tattoos/piercings/body art
  • mental/physical ability or disability
  • use of drugs
  • education level

This denomination marketed towards morbidly obese blue haired feminists is all about the homosexual/ transvestite agenda. It has no scruples about orgy relationships or substance abuse. And perhaps it’s reference to mental age, an argument voiced by pedophiles and pederasts to circumvent age of consent laws, is an appeal to actual or would be sexual offenders. It doesn’t seem like this church will turn any one or anything away. Who is to say a goat or a golden calf cannot be a priest for a congregation?

It’s important to note that the name of the LMC is in reference to liberation theology a predecessor to the Social Justice Gospel, and they are very open about it.

LMX theology is not written in stone because our human understanding continues to evolve as we deepen our personal and collective understandings of God. We have been expanding our methodist theological heritage with various expressions of Liberation theologies, theories, and praxis.

Every one of the LMC collaborators has their pronouns listed, and some go so far as to say their race. One individual’s pronouns is (presumably) his first name, Kai.

This concludes our tour of the new denomination. I doubt we will hear much coming out of this denomination in the future. It’s really just a Universal Unitarian church by a different name. Out of their impatience, they departed from their long march. Unlike the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a denomination of modernists and egalitarians, they were not being forced out. But in their quest to fight white supremacy, they no longer wanted to be held back by the vote of African congregations.

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2 Responses

  1. Wow. Wow. The age thing, yeah that’s pedophilia right there. Now all sinners are welcome by Christ and not beyond forgiveness, but this ultragrace that makes sinning fine and dandy and welcome in the church is evil. Plain and simple! I have to read that again. Wow!

  2. Oh they’re God given?! Sin is God-given!? This is one of the craziest things I’ve read in a while. They have it completely backwards. We have crossed the Rubicon.

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