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After Jason Allen denounced CRT, MBTS promotes woke book

Last week, the Southern Baptist seminary presidents had a joint statement affirming the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 while also denouncing Critical Race Theory. This week, For The Church, a resource ministry of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary unveiled its 2020 book awards which includes Reading While Black by Esau McCaulley.

THere are a few questionable choices such as the obvious circle jerk of promoting Russell Moore’s The Courage To Stand which is an unfortunately unironic title. And yes, Esau McCaulley is completely woke. This is a series of clips from Woke Preacher Clips exposing a sermon he gave that outlines one of the chapters in Reading While Black.

It’s worth noting that Jason Allen, the president of MBTS and Editor-in-chief of For The Church is not the person who awarded Reading While Black. That person was Dr. John Mark Yeats, Vice President of Student Services, Dean of Students and Student Success, Professor of Church History at MBTS.

It’s worth remembering that last week, I noted that Jason Allen had the strongest statement against Critical Race Theory of the seminary presidents but it appears his colleague is rather woke. As editor-in-chief, what FTC promotes falls under his purview and so Jason Allen has in essence allowed Cooperative Program funds to promote woke material.


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