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Ligon Duncan’s racism exposed

“As In Heaven” is the Marxists podcast that The Gospel Coalition designed to promote the Social Justice Gospel in mainstream evangelicalism. There trailer was drenched with Critical Race Theory when it debuted late September. Episode six of this podcast features Ligon Duncan, the CEO/ Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary.

In this podcast, Ligon Duncan articulates how his friendships with black people are marred by racism, and that black people cannot trust him because people that look like him did things to people that look like them generations prior. See in the video above.

The idea that you cannot escape the racism of your ancestors, which I call Assassins Creed Racism is straight out of Critical Race Theory. In this ideology there can not be an absence of racisms in interracial friendships, even marriages. Robin DiAngelo articulates this in White Fragility, and Ligon Duncan articulates this here as well. So by Ligon Duncan’s own standard, he is a racist. And likely by a nonwoke Christian standard he is a racist because he can’t move beyond race in a relationship. After all, the only difference between a woke white person and a white supremacist is that a woke white person believes whiteness is evil.


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