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Bolshevik Beth Moore

Technically, all Christians ought to be Christian Nationalists

Very few people in Big Eva love the spotlight as much as Beth Moore. She loves making vague statements leveling unsubstantiated accusations against the church. After several months of soothing the conscience of Joe Biden voters, Big Eva is circling the wagons to rally against the biggest threat to Christianity in America, “Christian Nationalism.” Erick Erickson and David “Vichy” French have both chimed in their support of an absolute heretic, while claiming Christ, because Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very ecumenical cult.

Fill in the blank. The greatest threat to the church in America is _________. Marxism, the scamdemic, effeminacy, lukewarmness, are all better answers than Trumpism or Christian Nationalism. Those who worship the state, who view politics as a religion, project this worldview onto those who do not. Christians are not worshipping at the alter of Trump just because they support him. No Christians are justifying his past adulteries or treating Trump as a messianic figure. “Make America Great Again” is a call to a sort of American reformation whereas “Hope and Change” is far more utopian or messianic, and “Build Back Better” especially so given the context of The Great Reset.

The issue here is that Christian Nationalism is undefined. Nationalism has varying definitions. I believe that nationalism is a beta ideology. The definition of nationalist may more accurately be synonymous with patriot. But like populism, one can not simply be a nationalist. This ideology must always enhance an alpha ideology. Alexander Hamilton, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump are all nationalists despite their vastly differing ideology elsewhere. Nationalism is also an orientation in-between globalism and localism. Whereas socialists in America today are globalist, socialist movements in the past like Nazi Germany were ethno-nationalist. In America, freedom loving patriots debate, like Jefferson and Hamilton, whether freedom is best preserved with a love of country and an emphasis on that or focusing more on caring for one’s state. In 2020, with state governments ramping up their petty tyrannies, one can easily see the federal government and national politics as a means of advancing freedom, hence side towards nationalism over localism. 

But let us suppose Evangelicals are worshipping Trump. With churches disobeying God by refusing to gather in person, President Trump fighting Critical Race Theory more than pastors, these people would feel that Trump is fighting the evil that the churches have largely capitulated or retreated from. Though the actions of the idolaters condemn them that practice, this is an indictment on the church’s cowardice.

Alas, as Christians we are ambassadors of a kingdom that’s not of this world, but our King has been given all power, which means all power, in this world. Ambassadors exist to serve their nation’s interests. Ambassador’s of Christ should actively be seeking to make the world more Christlike, not because of our eschatology or because the gospel needs maintenance, rather because faith without works is dead. We have a Great Commission to serve for a Kingdom not of this world. One might call that Christian Nationalism. Now if this Christian Nationalism manifests itself in the form of supporting a movement to reform America to a time when it was greater than the decay I’ve seen in my lifetime, because such a time America was more committed to Christian principles, then that is advancing the cause of the Kingdom. After all, the alternative to this manifestation is globalism which at present speed will take us straight to the Tower of Babel. Many Christians believe that supporting Trump’s brand of nationalism is the best means available to head of the sequel to the Tower of Babel, and who can blame them for wanting that.

Call to action

Many Christians have warned about heretics like Beth Moore. I believe Evangelical Dark Web does the best job at pointing out her connection to the heretical Social Justice Gospel. Read about Beth Moore here. And subscribe to the Evangelical Dark Web here.


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  1. Christian nationalism is calling for America to be separate from the world in the same way the Church is called to be separate from the world. The way the world does most things, Globalism, will only further weaken the Church. Big Eva loves conforming to the world and globalism because it grows the congregation and brings in more $$.

    I do wish it were someone different than Trump that we have to look to to ‘save’ America. He is really rough around the edges. But, I always come back to this: If the FBI spent 30 million looking into your background along with every news organization worldwide, what would they find?

    1. Hey, I managed to take a serious look. It’s certainly okay to admit, when writing, the limitations of your knowledge which you do with Beth Moore. The more I write, the more I learn the players involved. Most discernment requests I have done, I went into not knowing who the person was. The best advice I can give is to make sure you have a core purpose and a very navigable site. I’m not very helpful on the science of successful online writing, but I posted a link below of someone who is behind the scenes of a few big names in this niche category. His material is helpful.

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