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ERLC’s Casey Hough pastors egalitarian SBC church

Although the Evangelical Dark Web article on the reductive Christology of the Social Justice Gospel focused on The Gospel Coalition‘s Christmas article, the ERLC was similarly panned on Social media for rehashing Casey Hough’s 2016 Christmas article of the same tradition, The diversity in our Christmas story.

The article unwisely overemphasizes the race of Jesus because non Israelites are in the messianic lineage. Thus, it calls Jesus mixed-race even though Jesus was not discernably mixed race. To put in prospective, as someone with Sicilian ancestry, I do not identify as mixed race event though Sicily has a dynamic history of cross cultural interaction. But as previously covered, the Social Justice Gospel has a reductive Christology to serve a political agenda.

Casey Hough, the infamous article’s author remains an ERLC fellow and pastor of Copperfield Church in Houston, Texas. But like many Woke Evangelicals, Hough took to Twitter to reaffirm his faithfulness.

Personally, while I fundamentally reject critical race theory and intersectionality as antithetical to the gospel of Christ which I unashamedly preach ever Lord’s Day, I also believe we must not label every discussion of race/ethnicity as an example of CRT/I. Labels can be helpful ways to systemize certain things, but they can also be used to dismiss others without dialogue. I’m grateful for those who took the time to respond to my inquiries for further conversation. I would welcome those from others who want more clarification.

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Insisting that he does not support Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, Hough employs the exact argument that John Piper states in his part one. But as I pointed out on social media, theological conservatives talk about race and justice all the time without being branded as Critical Race Theorists.

As Casey Hough grew to attention for his old article, so did his church. It’s an open secret in the Southern Baptist Convention that several churches have female pastors in violation of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Copperfield Church is no different. Casey Hough works alongside two female pastors.

So the ERLC employs an avowed egalitarian. This avowed egalitarian will lie about his support for the BFM 2000, but we are supposed to believe his supplemental denouncement of CRT/I?

Compromised, woke, pastors like Casey Hough need to be driven from the SBC if there is any hope of restoring the denomination.


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