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Top 10 Articles of 2020

2020 was the first full calendar year for Evangelical Dark Web operating as a brand in the discernment world. I did a lot of writing in 2020. And so here are the articles with the best performance by views throughout the year.

  1. Is Michael Todd a false teacher?
  2. Is Steve Furtick a false teacher?
  3. Is Craig Groeschel a false teacher?
  4. Is Chris Hodges a false teacher?
  5. Is Priscilla Shirer false teacher?
  6. Is John Pavlovitz a false teacher?
  7. Is Beth Moore a false teacher?
  8. The other side: Jeff Dornik on Greg Locke at Destroy Social Justice
  9. Transformation Church caught removing Prosperity Gospel faith statement from website
  10. Is Matt Chandler a false teacher?

As you may have noticed, lengthy deep dives into potential false teachers is a worthwhile niche in-between daily commentary on pressing events. I want to thank my readers, because these articles would not have been possible without your interest. I didn’t know who a Mike Todd was, until one or two readers requested I research him. Your curiosity paired with my thorough research provided a lot of people with information. I’ve said this before, but it is worth saying again, Evangelical Dark Web does not want to be one of several websites that only cover the low hanging fruit. It’s easy to say why Hillsong is bad (which we do). It’s also easy, though not helpful, to compile a list with only names. But it is a lot more time consuming to tread new ground when exposing false teachers with the amount of detail usually only applied to the low hanging fruit. And I believe this is why we have seen tremendous growth in 2020, aside from God’s wonderful providence, of course. We were not disruptive; we were useful.

Another note is that our coverage of the biggest stories of 2020 is not on here. Admittedly we cater to a niche audience. But some of my best reporting did not make it on here. Evangelical Dark Web’s exclusive on pastors and churches who took PPP was picked up by Protestia (and they didn’t rip off my writing like others have) as well as my follow-up piece published on NOQ Report and Gatekeepers. This story would be in the top ten if not for being published on December 18th.

Alas, I am tremendously grateful grateful for this success. And I am prepared to work hard again in 2021.

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