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Pat Robertson

Who still listens to Pat Robertson?

In plain observation, despite his longevity as a televangelist and news broadcaster, Pat Robertson has minimal to no sway in the realm of politics or evangelicalism. The host of the 700 Club is capable of landing a Donald Trump interview while being a voice on the conservatives side of the political spectrum, yet has very little influence on conservative thought especially compared to far smaller platforms. And in the realm of evangelicalism, Pat Robertson is easily outdone by tiny YouTube channels. So when Pat Robertson came out against President Trump, very few people outside of socialist media cared.

It’s worth asking two questions following these observations: who is his audience and why is he still on the air?

Perhaps there is an audience of people who believe that Benny Hinn is a faith healer that watch Pat Robertson for political analysis. But many false teachers, and yes Pat Robertson is a false teacher, have better capitalized off of a Trump administration, especially Paula White (Cain). And I would credit this to a lack of talent. Pat Robertson gives amateur level political analysis. In the video above, I show a two clips of Robertson. In the first he claims that God told him Mitt Romney would be a two term President. Obviously, this did not come from God. It more likely came from his own ego, which could not foresee Mitt Romney’s obvious defeat in 2012. In the second clip, Robertson struggles to articulate why pulling out of Syria is a bad foreign policy decision and resorts to warning that Trump will lose the “mandate of Heaven” a Chinese construct of the divine right to rule. Not many conservatives saw these clips, but those who did would seem to make up Pat Robinson’s most actively engaged audience: leftwing hatewatchers.

If you were to search Pat Robertson on YouTube, the results will typically be socialist media either making fun of him or using him as a foil to attack Donald Trump or conservatism. Right Wing Watch and Secular Talk are among Pat Robertson’s most scrutinizing critics.

This potentially answers the question as to why he’s still on the air despite being sandbagged on very poor time slots for airtime. Disney is a leftist company. To the left, there is no opponent you would rather have than someone like Pat Robertson. He’s an eschatology nut. He makes false prophesies, and is someone the left would use as pretense to label people like us right wing nutjobs. Pat Robertson is controlled opposition and is not even good at it. 

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  1. Not to mention Robinson stating that Young Earth Creationism is nonsense. Another person who let’s man’s ideas override God’s Word.

    1. Imagine calling the simplest read of Genesis nonsense but reading for the endtimes in every news event.

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