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Unpopular Opinion: The Georgia Senate runoff was inconsequential

For the last couple of months, there was a debate raging in conservatism about whether to turn out for the Georgia Senate runoffs. I was reticent on this issue until election night, where I made several comments blaming the Republicans for their own defeat. And while I will call out Raphael Warnock for being a blatant heretic, this does little to translate for supporting David Perdue, the opponent of the other socialist.

I stayed silent because I could see both arguments and both arguments had merit. The Republicans enabled the same voting system that failed for Trump, unironically. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler were running a disastrous campaign with contempt for their own base. In essence, I feel no need to campaign for Republicans harder than they campaign for themselves. However, I can always understand the argument of throwing more sandbags in Congress to stop the communist advancement in our culture. This strategy has yet to work, but I understand the unwillingness to give up. It would be wrong of me to attempt to bind people’s consciences on a trivial election.

But if Trump is not President, it matters not who controls the Senate by the slimmest majority. Joe Biden’s regents will have the votes they need to pass their agenda, because the Republicans will not hold the line. On the issue of judges, the Democrats had enough votes even if they lost bigly in Georgia. Lindsey Graham voted for both of President Obama’s Supreme Court appointees. he would have voted for Merrick Garland as well if not for Mitch McConnell exercising a rare display political expediency. The Republicans held the line for Scalia’s seat, but that was an election year, and that fact was their pretext as opposed to the principle of opposing anti-gun judges like Merrick Garland. Only three Senators opposed John Kerry as Secretary of State. The Republicans are not going to fight.

I believe the Democrats have the votes for their Equality Act, because the GOP has surrendered on this issue already. The Republicans wanted to lose in Georgia, so there is no reason to place your faith in this institution.

I used to write a lot more on politics, but I found a greater passion about writing for my faith. My God is interested in winning. He did not create the world in six days to lose a cosmic civil war to Satan. And the Bible tells us Jesus will return to conquer the world.

We are on the winning side, whereas the Republican Party is uninterested in winning and the Democrats are the arm of Satan in America. Put your faith not in incompetently run institutions and instead place your trust in God. No Retreat.


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  1. Elections have consequences.
    Didn’t Barack something say that?
    We are so screwed. Just ask Hong Kong. Oh, that’s right, they’re all being rounded up and re-educated.

    1. Even Canada has done more for the freedom fighters waving American flags. Sad. Those kids over there are more “american” than any kids in the US. Can you imagine what the CCP is doing to them in their gulags? I’m in awe of them. Will we have the same strength when they come for the faithful Christians here?

      1. They were winning their fight for freedom in 2019 until the Plandemic. Trump would have supported their cause if it weren’t for Leftists (Democrats, RINOs, Globalists, Deep State,
        etc.) blocking him every step of the way.
        Just over a year and Hong Kong is finished. I’m giving Taiwan less than 5 years. Probably closer to 2.
        Didn’t take even that long for the Plandemic to destroy America.
        Don’t expect Canada to do anything else for Hong Kong. They are allowing CCP troops to train in their country.

      2. My observation about kids these days (Gen Z) is that they are very polarized, which actually makes them more conservative at their age than millennials.

  2. I agree 100%. The Republicans wanted to lose. They put the system in place to enable the cheating. The republican party has mulitple groups they work for before they even consider their voters. Remember, they can make more money NOT IN government. They really don’t care too much about who’s in power as long as government wins. I now understand what we just experienced with Trump. I dont know if he was real and they threatened his family or found something to blackmail him, or if he was just playing us all along. It doesn’t really matter. God has shown us the writing on the wall. Both parties have shown who they worship, and its not the Lord.

  3. I agree the Republican Party is divided, Jesus said a house divided against itself shall fall. I hope is in Jesus Christ and nothing less than His righteousness

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