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Big Eva relishes Big Tech’s crackdown

President Trump’s exile from large portions of the internet would appear to be the most egregious act of censorship to date. In under forty-eight hours, Twitter not only banished Trump, but purged thousands, if not millions, of accounts, almost exclusively leaning to one political view.

I have been warning about the John 1:18 level intimacy between Big Tech and Big Government, and I’ve also anticipated this getting worse. I have been hard at work contemplating a plan to broadcast a message for when Big Tech comes after Evangelical Dark Web. Evangelical Dark Web’s first ever livestream talked to an expert who build a social media platform and we discussed the solutions to these issues. Spoiler alert: it involves supporting small tech.

Yet whilst I have been seeking out greener pastures and repositioning myself to withstand the future, the dystopian forces surrounding President Orwell launched a massive online assault on both President Trump and large portions of his audience. I keep saying we are minutes from the Rubicon. Eventually that will mean more than whatever happening in Washington DC that has right wing media pearl clutching.

Big Eva is of course providing friendly fire on this issue, as they attempt to please all sides.

From the ERLC

Christians are wise to be vigilant about matters related to censorship. But it is important to recognize that the difference between censoring speech that is disagreeable and limiting speech that threatens or elicits physical harm. Going forward, careful attention should be paid to the actions of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook regarding content moderation and censorship, but in itself, Twitter’s decision to ban the President’s account should not be seen as an existential threat to free speech in our democracy.

In truth, we went from banning Alex Jones to banning Trump in about two and a half years. The slippery slope is real, and Big Eva will refuse to acknowledge it at any cost. At first conservatives like, Ben Shapiro, relished in Alex Jones being deplatformed. But their scope widened. His associate, Laura Loomer and noted pederast Milo, went next. Eventually, Big Tech further colluded against Jones, in what appears to be another test run for censorship.

In 2020, they unleashed a barrage on information, deplatforming opposing views on vital issues. And now, they come for you. One of the sites I write for, NOQ Report, fell victim to Twitter’s purge. It is only a matter of time before I am next.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary decided that this was the best to publish a book review that denounced discernment blogs and called gatekeeping a good thing. (It was originally published on The Gospel Coalition in November, for additional context.) This is how SBTS wants to equip (as their blog is called) the church:


Darling graciously exposes what ought to be clear about many of these so-called ministries: they often traffic in sensation and slander, even when telling truth, but they seldom provide godly discernment.


The greatest strength of independent online writers is also their greatest weakness: freedom. Liberty in reporting and writing is a good thing when truth has been hidden. However, accountability in the form of editors, proofreaders, and fact-checkers gives our writing—whether reporting news or writing opinion (and strong opinion pieces usually include good reporting)—a greater level of credibility. Peer-review is most always beneficial.

Big Eva has made their deal with the principalities and powers, and they pray it won’t be altered any further. Big Eva will not prepare the church for the technocratic fascism that is ever encroaching on our society. And while Evangelical Dark Web has a distinct message, it appears we will need to devote much efforts to equip our brothers and sisters to withstand the massive challenge of our time. Our theme for this year remains No Retreat and it could not be more fitting.

Be Prepared For The Times

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2 Responses

  1. Freedom of speech is so obvious, I don’t even need to explain it. Paul didn’t call for the silencing those who he felt strayed from truth. The answer to bad speech is better speech, always. Silencing speech is the refuge of tyrants, and those losing the argument.

    The Church is now splitting between those who love those who truly love the world, and those who truly love Christ. Its OBVIOUS.

    1. The irony is they think this is a political division in the church, when it’s really a manifestation of theological issues. Yet it seems like all those on the left politically are on the left theologically. Even David French is pro CRT.

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