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Christian crowdfunder, GiveSendGo, latest victim of Big Tech censorship

Following Big Tech’s Order 66, Big Tech took to expand the scope of their competitors to drive out. A small Christian crowdsourcing company, GiveSendGo, fell victim when PayPal announced they were no longer servicing the platform. In the summer of 2018, no one batted much of an eye when these platforms targeted Alex Jones. Other competitors to Big Tech like the Turkish Gab, have had to create their own infrastructure because of widespread deplatforming. Here we are in 2021 and one of the successful small tech infrastructure built by Christians was deplatformed by Paypal, one of the legacy mobile payment systems.

This loss is not major or insurmountable. But perhaps PayPal was enticing other tech giants to do the same, most notably, Amazon who provides hosting services. That would be a big blow to the company’s hull.

This is once again another example of how Big Tech censorship goes well beyond social media. This problem has shifted the focus of Evangelical Dark Web to provide information to help Christians circumvent Big Tech. The issue is not that some of us cannot get on Twitter or Facebook. Instead, the issue is that Big Tech and Big Government want to control the flow of information. This will inevitable constrict the flow of the gospel, or attempt to. How much longer will churches be allowed to use payment processors while upholding biblical sexuality? The definition of hate speech is in the hand of those who can control the Overton Window, and that is not us.

Where do we go from here?

In the long term, we will need our own infrastructure as America becomes Babylon before our eyes. And we should support the infrastructure that is still friendly to us, like GiveSendGo. We also need to work on building our own. Evangelical Dark Web will be building its own infrastructure and assisting other Christians on doing the same. In the meantime, No Retreat is in full swing. God is on our side. We stay on mission while developing smarter ways to carry it out.

Be Prepared For The Times

As big tech clamps down on avenues to get a message out there, reverting to more direct lines of communication is increasingly necessary. That is why we ask that you subscribe to our email list.


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  1. The lesser, petty wannabe tyrants rejoice in seeing us inconvenienced and our pocketbooks hit. They enjoy seeing the things of this world against us. But the big players are beyond those things, they want to take our joy and our happiness. Never let that happen. Our joy and happiness is in Christ, which can never be taken away. And if we continue to show that, it will really burn both the petty tyrants and the big players who can’t understand these things, and even hate them.

    Also, stockpile some silver and a little gold if you can. You can also set up venmo on a burner phone with prepaid cards as a way to pay people if it gets to that point! Consider also a bitcoin wallet on said phone (crypto is risky and you could lose all of it, fyi). Of course, don’t use your name on it and turn it off and stick it in a Faraday bag when not in use. We’re not to this point yet but if you have the extra money to be prepared, do so. Also, consider your brothers and sisters who don’t have the resources and may only have you to turn to in an emergency.

    1. Hard metal and cryptocurrency are two topics I definitely want to interview some experts on.

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