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Big Eva silent or supportive as Biden to name transvestite as assistant health secretary

Mean tweets are the reason we were supposed to support a Biden Regency, according to Big Eva. Because after all, it cannot truly be said that any of the sins that plague Trump are absent in Biden (adultery, shady business practices, lying). But Joe Biden does not send mean tweets at six in the morning, so Russell Moore, John Piper, Tim Keller, JD Greear, and many others in the guild worked diligently to undermine Trump’s reelection despite knowing full well what a Joe Biden regency would entail.

Without being inaugurated, the amount of total depravity we are seeing from the incoming regency is truly remarkable. In addition to touting future pro-abortion policies, Rachel Levine is to be named assistant secretary of health. Levine is a transvestite serving as the Secretary of Health in Pennsylvania. He is most known for demanding reporters conform to his preferred pronouns and removing his mother from nursing homes right before sending a nursing home pandemic there.

Thabiti Abnyabwile of The Gospel Coalition voices his support, claiming that Levine is otherwise qualified. But the issue is he is not. He is very well accustomed to creating policy that (knowingly) kills the elderly. Aside from that a transvestite is unqualified to be a doctor for pressing mental concerns, let alone be placed in a governmental administrative role.

Elsewhere those in the Big Eva guild are silent on this front. Russell Moore, the author of The Courage To Stand, is no where to be found on this issue. He remains content to continue harping on the Capitol incident which is far less impactful than the immanent immoral policy and personnel about to be enacted on our way of life.

Similarly, JD Greear, Ed Stetzer, Beth Moore, The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC, Mark Dever, Jonathan Leeman, Joe Carter, David French, and I am sure several others as well are, thus far, silent on the issue. This is quite revealing, especially given their collective willingness to promptly speak out when it supports the leftist narrative.

Tom Ascol of Founder’s Ministry provides a necessary contrast:


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  1. I can hardly press the “like” button as I deeply dislike what I am reading. These current events are like a bad dream.
    Press on brother. However dark the days, let us see Christ and stand firm. God help us.

  2. They’re falling over each other trying to please the world, and by adding a reference to ‘spreading the Gospel’ at the end they think that hides it.

    Maybe twitter can start handing out woke checkmarks for the world-pleasers….

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