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Russell Fuller nominates Randy Adams to run for SBC President

In 2020, Randy Adams was the primary opponent to Al Mohler in the race for president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Looking to finish what was started and subsequently delayed by JD Greear, Randy Adams has accepted the nomination to run again.

Russell Fuller was the Hebrew scholar fired by Al Mohler for attempting trying to combat the downgrade of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Russell Fuller would go on to accuse Al Mohler of being woke. In a sense, Russell Fuller became a champion of the cause to save the Southern Baptist Convention. His nomination of Randy Adams is therefore quite significant.

Similar to last year, his campaign focuses on transparency and accountability for what he calls failing institutions. The rhetoric is also dialed up in calling out the corruption of the system. With regards to NAMB, Adams writes:

Perhaps the most dangerous revelation in recent months is that the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) joined NAMB in arguing to the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that the SBC is a hierarchy, with the SBC in the superior position over all Southern Baptist churches, conventions and associations.  NAMB has been making a similar argument for years, claiming that they are a “supporting organization” for state conventions, and that they therefore have a right to interfere in the employment practices of state conventions.  NAMB lost their argument in the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and now says they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.  This puts Southern Baptists at great risk because the ERLC/NAMB argument is contrary to the SBC Bylaws that no hierarchy exists in the SBC, and that every church, convention, and association is autonomous  (see my essay for more information

It’s clear that the Randy Adams is qualified, as explained before, and there is little doubt he has a plan to tackle the systemic corruption in the Cooperative Program. This would also mean he is running against Mike Stone of the Conservative Baptist Network. Mike Stone is certainly more overt on the issue of Critical Race Theory, whereas Randy Adams is very tactical on the issue of corruption. Both bring ideas to the table. The question is whether this splits the theologically conservative vote against what Big Eva.

Big Eva’s Al Mohler has his own split to worry about as well. Woke Alabama preacher, Ed Litton, is in the race. The race has four candidates, two of them solid. Perhaps this means that the two theologically conservative candidates can rally more of the grassroots than only one candidate could. In theory, this could crush the establishment, in the same way how Donald Trump and Ted Cruz crushed the establishment candidates in 2016 Republican Primary.

For an overview of this race, click here.


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  1. Great update and comparison to Ted Cruz and DJT taking on the ‘establishment.’ I was actually a Ted Cruz guy but like many others, I was pleasantly surprised with DJT’s policies. But all of those will soon be a thing of the past ????



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