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Conservative Inc. mostly promotes transgenderism

Who can we trust for information? What are we trying to conserve? These are questions that conservatives find themselves asking. What is surprising is just how many media outlets that target conservatives (the most precise way to word this) outright promote transgenderism, the sinful ideology that states that a person can change their gender based on personal desire. Many right-targeting outlets will play along with this ideology at the expense of the cause of their target audience. In this video I go through several outlet’s coverage for the story where Joe Biden was reported to tap Rachel Levine, a man who feels pretty as assistant health secretary. Here are the results:

The Bad

 It is quite stunning (and brave) the number of right-targeting outlets that will publish the lie that Rachel Levine is a woman. Fox News is where I start off and they publish what the Associated Press reported on the issue without editing for correct pronouns. Many conservatives have quit Fox News in favor of greener pastures. However, Newsmax, the largest benefactor of Fox’s decline did the same exact thing. They too ran the Associated Press reporting. Continuing the pattern was the Washington Times and New York Post, both alternatives to their area’s communist newspaper.

Outside of directly citing the Associated Press, The Daily Caller partook in lying about Rachel Levine being a woman with their own reporting. The biggest disappointment was The Blaze whose writer, Dave Urbanski, went to great length to frame the story as someone who sent COVID into nursing homes but saving his own mother first only to refer to Levine as a woman. The largest offender outside Fox News was perhaps Salem Media. Between their three major outlets that covered the story, Townhall, Redstate, and Hot Air, all three referred to Rachel Levine as a woman. Considering Townhall’s political editor is Guy Benson, a Republican version of Pete Buttigieg, this isn’t all that surprising.

The Good

The Daily Wire historically has either remained neutral or has been adequate in not giving into this narrative. Their coverage of the current story was not used for this assessment. PJMedia’s coverage in the past regarding Rachel Levine is perhaps some of the most honest in conservative media. Breitbart had one instance in their article where they refer to Levine as a her, but the rest of the article used male pronouns. This was likely a copying and pasting error and thus forgivable. The Gateway Pundit also did not use female pronouns.

It’s important to note, not every major conservative outlet reported this story and that this assessment is not exhaustive, however most major players were covered.

Christian Reporting

Some Christian outlets like Evangelical Dark Web and Reformation Charlotte reported on prominent Christians’ reactions to this news rather than the event itself. Of those that reported of the event itself, Protestia told the truth and so did Christian Post who not only used male pronouns but edited the quotes with brackets that referred to Rachel Levine as a woman. That is the gold standard for both how Christians and conservatives should report on this issue.


Readers should not have to mentally swap out the words of that which is reported to them in order to have an understanding of the news. Considering the intensity biblical ideals, like man and woman, are being attacked so quickly under the Biden Regency, conservatives and Christians need news outlets that will not perpetuate the narrative that wants to destroy their values and deny basic biology. If a news outlet cannot stand up to this false narrative, what false narratives can they be trusted to stand against.


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