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Kamala Harris is a Jezebel. Full Stop.

It did not take long for Joe Biden to be used as a model “Christian” (Catholic) to beat faithful Christians over the head with. This ramped up in early November, and likewise, Kamala Harris is being lauded as a role model for women by many of the same people. Kamala Harris became a hot debate over the weekend with a heated debate over her merits. Tom Buck tweeted this on the 22nd which ignited the Woke Evangelicals.

Everything Tom Buck said was true, and the incendiary language is righteous. Kamala Harris is a compulsive liar advancing communism in the highest offices in this country, a place she achieved through dishonorable conduct. In no way should anyone look up to her as a role model.

Woke Southern Baptist blog, SBC Voices, published an article, written by Emily Snook titled “The complicated feelings of being both pro-life & pro-Kamala as VP.” Emily Snook is a feminist, and according to her twitter bio she believes abortion is cause by misogyny as opposed to feminism. That appears to be how she will reconcile her arguments here.

232 years with no women in the room has, in part, led us to use women and their children as political cudgels to wield against one another.

This time, I chose a woman in the room. And I wept.

I wept as I waited in line to vote, the familiar feeling of no good choices welling up in me and spilling out behind my sunglasses and mask.

So she explains that she voted for Biden simply because Kamala Harris is a woman.

No choice to protect the unborn with my vote without enabling and endorsing the dehumanization of refugees and women and whole nationalities of image-bearers.

No choice to protect immigrants, to provide more economic, medical, and social services for desperate women and families with my vote without enabling, funding, and propagating the abortion of image-bearers. No good choices. Only tears.

It’s rather clear Snook supports open borders and entitlement programs which are far more damaging to human dignity that whatever she is referring to here.

I wept. And I hoped.

This person should not be entrusted with the privilege of voting if they are going to be this dramatic about it.

I hoped that by breaking this glass ceiling and opening this door, one day there would be another woman in the room. In the same way that Justice Ginsberg paved the way for women like me, including Justice Barrett, I hoped and prayed that Vice President Harris would lead to more women like me in the room.

It’s unironic how she purposely ignores Sandra Day O’Connor’s appointment to the Supreme Court, who was appointed by Reagan. Granted, she was a pro-abortion justice, therefore not worth celebrating but so was Ginsberg. So Snook is heavily indoctrinated and it shows here, with her selective remembrance of history.

Vice President Harris is complicated. No one is just one thing. She is full of contradictions. So am I. And so are all of us in a world where there are often no good choices, where joy and sorrow are mingled together inextricably, no matter which box we check or who sits in the White House.

There’s no logic in this article, just pure emotionalism. Believing that Kamala Harris being a woman sets a precedent for female Vice Presidents or Presidents in the United States justifies the policies that will come forth is at best a pure utilitarian or pragmatist decision. This line of thinking is wholly incompatible with a Biblical worldview, as what she is articulating is that the ends justify the means.

Kamala Harris is a Jezebel, and like Jezebel, her presence did not benefit women because she was an evil person. This is a claim worth doubling down on so let me close by doing so: Kamala Harris is a Jezebel.


4 Responses

  1. So basically this person decided that giving refugees a home and being sexist (voting for a woman because she is a woman) was more important than the slaughter of unborn children. Sounds about right for the typical woke evangelical “Christian.”

  2. Hi, Thanks for writing this blog. I have appreciated it very much and learned a lot. In the past, I have noticed a few spelling errors, but simply ignored them. But in my mind, they weaken your message a bit which I do not want to see happen. The error I noticed today is in the last paragraph:

    Kamala Harris is a Jezebel, and like Jezebel, her *presents *did not benefit women because she was an evil person. This is a claim worth doubling down on so let me close by doing so: Kamala Harris is a Jezebel.

    I think you mean the word “presence” instead.

    If you don’t find it offensive, I will send you corrections as I see them.

    Sincerely, Becky

  3. The left are masters at creatng wedge issues. You have to put all other issues aside and vote for them just because she’s a woman. No matter that she’s the least popular woman to put her hat in the ring. And they create these wedge issues with emotionalism, as is so evident here. Biden and Harris have a history of being bad for women and blacks, but somehow they’ve convinced so many that those issues are irrelevant and you have to vote for them – because- she’s a woman and ‘black’. The deception is heavy in these two! Just wow.

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