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January 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I provide an update on how the last moth went, both for Evangelical Dark Web as a site and the movement to preserve the integrity of the gospel. January was certainly an action packed month, but not necessarily because of Big Eva. The system, which I define as the symbiotic relationship between Big Government and Big Tech, made all sorts of moves. After Congress opened session with a pagan prayer, they were shortly thereafter fearful due to Capitol Hill being stormed. The providence is strong. Far more significant was Big Tech’s execution of Order 66. After nearly two months of monitoring, it can be concluded that Google is suppressing our search traffic. The significant drop suffered on December 4th was not correlated to Christmas.

However, January was a great month despite Big Tech censorship! And that is a credit to the readers, more than it is myself. Other good observations were DuckDuckGo search traffic was up nearly 50% from December (which saw no drop). So perhaps more Christians are quitting Google. Nevertheless, if Google wants to throttle Evangelical Dark Web, they have prematurely played that card.

Moving forward in February, there is a political infrastructure ripe for restructuring in a Godly direction, and I want to focus on this for the month, whereas in January, I described the environment.

Quick Stats


In January, Evangelical Dark Web published the verdict on John Piper. But the conversation around Ravi Zacharias needed to be addressed, because I could tell there were a lot of people struggling with what to make of this situation. So I wrote about him despite previously being against it because he is dead. At the moment there is zero progress on the next one. So I will do a count.


In January there was a substantial increase in the percentage of views that come from subscribers, which is a good thing. This could also be from the fact that there were fewer views. Another shift is a focus on minutes watched which is more important than views for eventual monetization and subsequent demonitization.

Last month I got to interview Matt Williams of How To Build A Tent. It was a good opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and managing a household in this increasingly hostile age. In February, I plan to do more of those with some colleagues I’ve been working with online for a while.

Site Changes

In January, I continued with little tweaks here and there. I created a Save The SBC page so that you can keep track of the race for Southern Baptist President. Though Evangelical Dark Web supports grassroots Evangelicals across denominational lines, it is important to note that the Southern Baptist Convention has influence. It’s current downgrade and trajected demise are of consequence for Christians everywhere. I made reference in the December report about creating a hub of resources here and this was the start of that.

On the path towards expansion, I have built a Patreon-like platform for this site. This has not yet been published. In addition, I am in the progress of creating additional content for this to be launched service.

No Retreat,



2 Responses

  1. Thanks for all you are doing!

    Please correct the spelling in your opening paragraph: Change the word “do” to “due” ‘to the Capitol Hill being stormed.’


  2. Remember, it was the attempts at crushing the early Christian movement that helped it spread. It isn’t going to be fun, but all the effort to silence and punish us will only make us stronger! Thanks Ray. You will probably feel some of this heat more than us for being willing to give us a voice and to stick out your neck and reputation a little further. If you need any help just ask. The patreon thing is a good idea.

    Fear nothing Christians, for “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

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