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We need a silent Christian Succession

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Evangelical Dark Web made it a mission in 2021 to equip Christians to live in an increasingly hostile. Our theme for the year remains No Retreat. This does not mean we withdraw from culture. Quite the opposite. We will protect and advance the gospel as well as Christian principles in the culture we are living in.

In the past, I have not always favorably viewed platforms like Gab. Their first impression was horrible, and I certainly perceived that they pandered to a bad crowd. However, there is a different story at work surrounding Andrew Torba, its CEO. He is a man who has been a pariah to Big Tech despite his talent. He was expelled from Y Combinator, the Silicon Valley grooming program.

Since then he has built Gab which has been barred from “25+ service providers including both app stores, PayPal, dozens of payment processors, hosting providers, email services, and more.” Torba is leading the charge and has taken blows in doing exactly what No Retreat is about. In his article “The Silent Christian Secession” he articulates this need.

When this happens I rejoice and praise God because I know that He is working to separate the wheat from the chaff. This deplatforming inevitably reforms Gab into an even more resilient community, business, and platform. We don’t just sit around and whine when these things happen, we immediately get to work.

This is the exact attitude Christians need to have. We are deplatformed because the world hates Christ. Interestingly enough, this bleeds into politics. The world, to some capacity, equates Christianity with conservatism, which is why Big Tech cracks down similarly. I count it no loss that Google is throttling search traffic for Evangelical Dark Web. Instead, count it as joy and become more resilient.

Personally I don’t believe the common Christian mantra to “be in the world, but not of the world” means giving the enemy our money, time, and data. This has got to stop, right now.

Torba rightfully calls out the damage this mantra has done. We have become depended on pagan institutions, and that is increasingly a problem. I believe the church will eventually need to build its own economy. After citing John 15:19, Torba continues:

I am in the process of transitioning every part of my financial expenses to support Christian businesses, Christian media companies, Christian content creators, and Christian people.

I am done giving my money to The Enemy and funding the destruction of our country and values. I encourage everyone else to do the same. If they are not serving God, they are serving Satan and I’m simply not going to fund that activity.

Deeply examine the businesses, brands, and media companies you currently support both financially and with your time. If they are virtue signaling critical theory nonsense or owned by demons you should immediately stop paying them and using their services.

Torba is a groundbreaker on trying to create this new economy. And we should follow his lead. Unfortunately, we cannot always do this. There is no Christian payment processor, credit card, bank, cellphone service, I could go on. The Christian film industry is not yet where it needs to be. Christian music is more industry than gospel. I point these examples out because these are the easiest things Christians could be doing, as Christian music and Christian drama have existed for centuries.

When I was doing research on Christian entrepreneurship, there was this one firm, Christian Venture Capital, actively trying to do something like this but it was not going anywhere. They were also pro-Prosperity Gospel, so there’s that. I bring up this example because they were advertising building platforms that copied existing platforms, like eBay and Airbnb. They were to some capacity working towards creating a Christian economy. But Christianity is not a value proposition. The services Christians provide must be able to compete in an open market.

I interviewed Matt Williams along these same lines. He emphasized local connections and seeking business opportunities locally with little to no fixed expenses.

At this point we have no choice but to “build our own” everything. That starts by supporting those who are already building and share our values. It’s not about simply building our own social networking platforms anymore, it’s about building our own Christian economy. One without cancel culture. One that doesn’t embrace the demonic and degenerate cult religion of critical theory.

The problem is, we will need to build our own government.

Critical theory (cultural marxism, the cult of social justice, etc) is a fraudulent, vapid, and pathetic subversion of well-meaning Christians, churches, and Christian values in general.

It lures decent God-fearing people into practicing a false and demonic pseudo-religion designed to accelerate their spiritual and literal demise. It preys on the malleable minds of our youth. It enslaves those who practice it and seeks to destroy those who do not.

Torba shifts his focus on the Social Justice Gospel. He goes hard attacking Critical Theory (Cultural Marxism).

Talk to your kids about these things. Homeschool them if at all possible. Cut the cable cord. Delete the Big Tech apps from their phones and your own. We have a lot of work to do, but remember that we have the Creator of the Universe on our side. Through Him all things are possible.

I was talking about some of these things with a friend this morning and she used a term that made a lot of sense to me: “the silent secession.” At the moment this secession is largely digital and economic, not geographical, but perhaps that will change at some point in the future. I, for one, am in full support of Jesusland.

Torba closes with remarks about eventual succession that is the result of two distinct populations that are incompatible with one another. He hopes that perhaps that may one day be realized in reference to the popularized partition of the United States and Canada. Andrew Torba is speaking truth and I can related to his desires and convictions. Torba has built his own infrastructure at Gab and has overseen the thriving of a company against tremendous odds. The time has come for others to rise up and do likewise where called. The meek will inherit the earth!

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  1. I’m prepping under the assumption I may not be able to use my credit cards, phone, access my bank accounts, even lose my job. Now, I’m not going over board with it because my trust is in the Lord and not these ‘things’. A lot of people may laugh at it, but scientists have been heavily warning congress for decades that we’re overdue for a solar storm which would destroy all electronic devices. What would happen in your life if the gas pumps quit pumping because your states electric grid went down? Imagine if Walmart was unable to restock the shelves. That would be a bit worse than having to use old socks because toilet paper is sold out! It’s not that expensive to be prepared, really. And they will be coming for us, there is no doubt in that! The question is just how bad it will get for us. You owe it to yourselves and your friends and family to be ready for any eventuality.

    Also, one the of the best ways to share the gospel would be providing emergency food or other provisions to unprepared neighbors. Its going to be hard to not say, “I told you so”, instead be ready to say, “I can help.” Its not a question of if, just when!

  2. I listened to Andrew during an interview with Steve Bannon and was completely on board with him. I’m still on board with his ideas. I signed up for Gab and after using it awhile, found so many antisemitic comments. I also heard Gov. Greg Abbott say that the site is antisemitic. Anyone know anything about this? I canceled for now but I’m willing to reconsider.

    1. I believe Abbott was deliberately peddling rumor. The community on Gab has been a lot better than say Parler. I hang out on their meme section, and if there were antisemitism, that’s where it would be. You are 100x more likely to see an antisemitic meme on Twitter than Gab. Just look at Ice Cube’s Twitter.

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