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Biden reignites White House religious outreach program to advance Cultural Marxism

Among the executive orders of the Biden Regency was the reestablishment of a religious outreach office created first by Bush II. The organization is a bit of a political football. The Trump Administration largely mothballed the organization until Trump tapped renown heretic, Paula White, to lead it in 2019. A recent Biden executive order reclaimed both the name and the direction of this office.

Section 1.  Policy.  Faith-based and other community-serving organizations are vital to our Nation’s ability to address the needs of, and lift up, low-income and other underserved persons and communities, notably including persons of color. 

Melissa Rogers has been rehired to helm this operation. She ran the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships from 2013 to 2017 under President Obama. Melissa Roger’s leadership will mark a departure from the predecessor’s focus on evangelicals and towards a focus on woke causes. According to Religious News Service, Rogers had this to say about her mission:

We’ll be engaged in that particular effort, as well as others, in breaking down silos and communicating across agencies to try to find out what we can do with our partners to ensure that we really attack these disparities, which are part of the scourge of systemic racism.

Rogers makes it abundantly clear that Social Justice will be a primary focus of this organization. The second in command of this operation has a focus on coronavirus. Josh Dickson, who was formerly in charge of religious outreach for the Biden campaign, says this:

We’re currently developing materials that we’re working on getting out far and wide that just share information and facts about the vaccine and that help provide great resources for COVID education.

Perhaps this is an initiative to further pacify the church against government overreach. But it looks like they want to use religion to sell the vaccine. The article continues:

Besides fighting the pandemic, the office will focus its efforts on helping disadvantaged communities, advancing global humanitarian work, strengthening pluralism and protecting “cherished guarantees of church-state separation and freedom for people of all faiths and none.”

It’s worth noting that “pluralism” which can be summarized as the sentiment that all paths lead to Heaven is a heretical doctrine. Biden’s White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is reportedly intent on strengthening false gospels. There is a distinction between principles and doctrine. The government can legislate Christian principles like marriage, definition of life, etc. But legislating doctrine is where the First Amendment is breached, in that Congress would be respecting the establishment of a religion. Powers denied to Congress (that are not reserved for other branches) are also denied to the Executive Branch.

This religious outreach office was constitutionally flawed from its conception, and now it is going to be weaponized to advance the Social Justice Gospel. But at least Big Eva can rest easy at night now that there are no more mean tweets.

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2 Responses

  1. There’s a misconception that the vaccine finished its trials and was approved by the FDA. This is false. The vaccine is still in clinical trials and was granted emergency use approval reserved for EXPERIMENTAL treatments when no other treatments are available (why they claimed nothing else worked against covid. If something else did work, then that voids the emergency approval). Search “how long does it take to make a vaccine” and read articles pre-covid. Traditional vaccines work with your immune system, RNA “vaccines” (it’s really gene therapy) hijack and alter it. That they need to appeal to “religion” to convince us to take it is highly suspect!

  2. They lied and censored doctors on the front line who had effective, inexpensive treatments; even the medical journal that published a false study against the treatment our President was taking and endorsing was exposed and had to be retracted, but the media buried the story; out of their blinded hatred and malice for our President. May God our Father expose their satanic lies, deception, manipulation, and control by fear, threats, intimidation, censoring, silencing, and cancelling, and may those who lost their reputations, positions and livelihoods be vindicated as our President is vindicated. I was lied about, slandered, and my character defamed by my husband’s siblings when he died, so they could take his estate from me. I ask as Luke 18:8 to be vindicated and ask President Trump to be vindicated, who won the election by a landslide.

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